Elon Musk says he loved Godzilla vs Kong

The most recent installment of the Monsterverse is Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, a film that brings us back to the mythical beasts of pop culture in a spectacular combat like we have never seen before. The public is being fascinated by the display of visual effects, and one of them is Elon musk, one of the most popular moguls today thanks to his work at SpaceX and other high-impact companies. Through social networks, Elon share your thoughts on Godzilla vs. Kong, and boy has he caught the attention of his several million followers. The entrepreneur was indifferent to the charm of the colossi.

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It is well known that Elon musk He uses his social networks very frequently, especially Twitter, a space where he shares opinions with his more than fifty million followers. How to forget when he changed his profile picture for one of Edward Elric, protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist, attracting the attention of anime fans and managing to increase his popularity on the world wide web. There are few occasions when he tweets about pop culture topics, and recently we have seen him do it about Godzilla vs. Kong, commenting on raves about the movie and encouraging audiences to watch it. Here is the tweet of the famous businessman:

Godzilla vs. Kong is so amazing wow! The craziest movie I’ve ever seen! Love letter to conspiracy theorists! And yet, comforting in the end.

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Tweet from Musk achieved more than 161 thousand likes in less than twelve hours and continues to increase. The above shows us that Elon is still very popular on social media and that Godzilla vs. Kong he stands firm in his quest for success. The Adam Wingard-directed film was able to gross $ 285 million worldwide, a massive figure for a title released in a pandemic. This makes it the most successful film since the health crisis began, filling Warner Bros. with pride and setting an example before other Hollywood studios that seek to make their films the most successful of the moment.

The Monsterverse had scandalously stumbled upon Godzilla II: King of the Monsters – 41%. Few were those who were satisfied with that adventure starring the Japanese monster, especially because of the zero interest that the human plot generated. The public just wanted to see the battles between giant beasts and that was exactly what it gave us Godzilla vs. Kong A few days ago, when it hit theaters on March 24 and HBO Max on March 31. The top executives understood what audiences were looking for in these films and gave it to them wholesale without unnecessary pretense. The result is visible to all and is spectacular.

Details about the next Monsterverse movie are unknown, but with the success of Godzilla vs. Kong it’s clear that both Warner Bros. and Legendary will continue to develop more adventures. Fans of Toho beasts can rest assured for the future, Hollywood still has a lot of plans for them and they are sure to be amazing. Both companies have learned from their mistakes and promise a greater presence of the beasts. Will the Monsterverse be so powerful in the future as to compete significantly with the highest-grossing entertainment franchises in the industry today, be it Marvel Studios or Fast and furious? We will find out soon.

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