Elon Musk reveals the best kept secret of his Tesla and, spoiler, it is not his autonomy

Twitter has become one of the favorite platforms of Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla uses the well-known platform to pour his opinions and make all kinds of comments. Words that do not usually go unnoticed and whose power has come to cause bitcoin to collapse or a company to become a millionaire. In one of his last interventions has revealed the best kept secret of its Tesla and no, it has nothing to do with their autonomy.

The logical thing would be to think that one of the secrets that Tesla has guarded with more zeal is related to your car engines or electrical independence what are you offering. Nothing is further from reality. It has to do with something that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it has nothing to do with the mechanical part. At least, that is what emerges from the words published by Elon Musk on his favorite social network.

Air filtration system

It all started when the account Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley owners of Tesla) posted a tweet in which they stated that, from their point of view, one of the best virtues of these electric cars that few repaired was their air filtration system. Elon Musk’s reaction was not long in coming in a concise, but forceful way: “Yeah” (“Yes”).

What is the reason for this statement and its subsequent confirmation by the CEO of the Californian brand? The filters High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA) with which the new Tesla Model S, Tesla Model S Plaid and Tesla Model X are equipped, which offer an efficiency greater than 99.97% when it comes to eliminating any harmful particles for the driver and their passengers.

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High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA)

We are talking about a component that has ten times the size of a conventional filter, but it is a hundred times more effective than those used by Premium brands. According to Tesla, HEPA is powerful enough to protect your cars from a biological weapons attack.

The key that makes this high performance molecular air filter special is its ability to eliminate most circulating allergens in the air helping to control its quality: mold spores, dust, particles from pets … Such is their level that they are used to purify ICUs in hospitals or closed spaces such as airplanes.

Experts describe them as “the best type of air cleaner there is” and the truth is that the numbers accompany them. The regulations in force in Europe oblige them to remove at least 99.95% of the particles while in the United States the law requires that this percentage be a little higher, reaching 99.97%.

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Every three years

Be that as it may, its operation is the same on both continents. The HEPA filter has a fan that extracts the air, cleans it and expels it again. The fundamental step is the second and the one in charge of carrying it out is a filter formed by a mesh of fibers: these are placed randomly and in the shape of an accordion to expand their capacity to trap particles. The materials used in these layers are cellulose, synthetic fiber or glass.

To carry out the air purification process, it uses two mechanisms: impact and interception (when the particles are larger than 0.3 microns) or broadcast (when its size is less than 0.3 microns). They typically carry out that cleaning five times an hour, and Tesla recommends replacing it every three years. An operation that can cost several hundred euros: we do not know the price of the component used by the Elon Musk brand, but the most effective HEPA filters can cost 400 euros.

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