Elon Musk obtains permission in Mexico to offer internet services for 10 years

Elon Musk’s internet arrives in Mexico on October 28.


Elon Musk has received official permission from the corresponding authorities to sell satellite wireless Internet products in Mexico Through the Starlink brand, which in this country is managed by the company Starlink Satellite Systems México, S. de RL de CV

According to information from the newspaper El Economista, the company requested permission from the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) and has been authorized to send and receive satellite signals to and from foreign satellites with coverage in Mexico.

Starlink Satellite Systems began its process in April 2021 and after an analysis by the IFT, on May 28 it was given the permit with the notification to have its services ready in a maximum of 180 days, so No later than Thursday, October 28, you must be offering your services in Mexican territory.

The IFT permit for Starlink allows a national coverage valid for ten years, until 2031, extendable for equal terms, if Starlink accredits the criteria that the IFT has established in its title.

The company already offers service plans in the United States, for a price of $ 99 dollars and with browsing speeds of 1 Gbps.

According to the publication, Musk’s company will sell satellite Internet from the Ka and Ku radio bands, which are the most suitable for providing satellite Internet service, due to its signal quality with reasonably affordable prices for the consumer.

In principle, Starlink will cover Mexico through the Steam-1, Steam 2 and Steam-2B satellite network and does not rule out adding more satellite fleet to serve the entire region and eventually start selling an ultra-fast Internet product with 5G technology.

Elon Musk has a plan to use 12,000 satellites to bring Starlink around the world. That constellation is known as SpaceX and at the moment has a fleet of 1,800 satellites for this purpose.

Those interested in the Starlink Satellite Systems Mexico service can register on the page:, In which they must provide some information.

The company will have its offices in Lago Alberto 442, in the Anáhuac neighborhood of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office in Mexico City.

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