Elon Musk made a company’s stock skyrocket by mistake

In recent days, the businessman Elon musk raised shares of the cryptocurrencies bicoin and dogecoin, the company GameStop and the video game studio CD Projekt just by making a few posts on the social network Twitter

The same happened with the application of audio messages Club House, which quickly began to gain popularity globally. However, to show his support for this app, Musk also shot the shares of a company called Clubhouse Media Group, a company that « provides medical treatment, scientific research, education, prevention and health services, « according to Bloomberg, which has no relation to the one named above.

At the end of the year, when the CEO of Tesla announced on Twitter his intervention in the audio application, they skyrocketed Clubhouse Media Group shares more than 100% during the first few hours, and eventually fell back quickly, the Financial Times reported.

What is the Clubhouse app about?

It is used by entering different chat rooms. When entering a room, the user will listen to the chat with the microphone muted, while only administrators can speak.

If a listener wants to intervene, notify the administrators to activate their microphone. Likewise, each user can create their own chat room, according to the RT site.

Unlike traditional social networks, Clubhouse only provides for audio broadcasts.