The dream of Elon Musk, the eccentric CEO of Tesla, and the singer Grimes, of calling their young son as an android could not be fulfilled due to a series of rules that would prevent them. The tender X Æ A-12 was born on May 4 and sooner than later Musk and Grimes surprised us with this good news not because they had a child together but because of the unpronounceable name -with multiple meanings- that they chose for the creature. The point now is that the state of California may prohibit you from naming your child that way.

So far, the birthplace of X Æ A-12 is unknown, but specialized media are beginning to suggest that the baby was possibly born in the state of California, because Musk has several properties on the site since he was introduced to the The day after on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast (where he explained how he pronounces his son’s name). The fact is that if it is true that Grimes gave birth to X Æ A-12 in California it would be impossible for that to be its name since only the “26 alphabetic characters of the English language” can be used on the birth certificate, they explain. Accents, graphemes such as “Æ” and special characters such as “-” cannot be used. In short X Æ A-12 does not meet the requirements.

In an interview with People magazine, family law attorney David Glass explained that while the X Æ A-12 name is technically not illegal, it could not be validated. Although he added that Elon and Grimes could “appeal the rejection of the birth certificate application, but it is unlikely to be awarded because, again, California… has been struggling with the use of symbols. ”

The best option that new parents would have to get their baby the name they want, would be to register it elsewhere in the United States with more flexible rules, such as Alaska that allows the use of umlauts, accents, and other special characters, or Hawaii also accepts the use of symbols.