This Tuesday, July 28, 2020, former participants in Married at first sight (M6) met with their family in Lyon. The couple formed by Elodie and Joachim, candidates for season 4 broadcast in early 2020, took advantage of the good weather in the company of the parents of the young man. But, the day did not go without a hitch …

It was in the botanical garden of Lyon, more precisely in the Parc de la Tete d’Or that Elodie, her lover and her in-laws shared a sunny afternoon. After a moment in peace and in the shade on the beautiful lawn of the place, a small pedal boat trip was essential. On a first boat, Elodie was with her lover Joachim – who had touched viewers by recounting his past obese victim of harassment – and the latter’s little brother. Joachim’s parents were nearby, on their own pedal boat. “I’m with my brother-in-law, she told a story on Instagram. We drive our little pedal boat. And my in-laws are right here. Philippe takes pictures instead of pedaling …”

If Philippe, Elodie’s father-in-law, seemed at ease to the point of playing the photographers at the beginning, he quickly regained his place. “I can’t stand sunburns,” he said while out for a walk. And it seemed that the sun was beating a little too hard for him. “The little pedal boat session is over. We had an injury, or rather a discomfort. Joachim’s dad did not feel well just after, when he got off the pedal boat, Elodie let go. But hey, it’s going a little bit. better. They spoiled him: an ice cream, a glass of water … He is lucky, I too will be unwell! No I’m kidding, it’s really not funny any more. “

A news that alerted Internet users. They were indeed numerous to wonder about the state of health of the father of Joachim. It was then that Elodie spoke again, still as a story on the social network for sharing images, to reassure. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to worry you. I reassure you, Philippe is fine. It was a stroke of heat. He will come to his senses, all is well,” she assured.

More fear than harm then!