The schedule is reduced to five tests: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal

The test on Spanish soil is delayed to August 29

The 4 Hours of Barcelona that were to open the schedule of the 2020 European Le Mans Series this week will be played on August 29 if the European health situation allows it. The postponement of the test was already known in advance, but the new date had not yet been confirmed.

The ACO has released the revised schedule for the European Le Mans Series, reduced to five races, starting on July 19 at Paul Ricard, two races in August –Spa and Barcelona– while Monza and Algarve will be held in October and November, thus leaving September free for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is the consequence of the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

“The new ELMS 2020 calendar will last four months instead of seven. In this difficult economic and, above all, health climate, we have decided to hold five races instead of six to guarantee the comfort of our competitors,” said Gérard Neveu, ACO sports director. .

Paul Ricard, the inaugural test, will be preceded the same week by a test day. Although there are still almost three and a half months left, some people think that the date is very optimistic. Most structures are stopped, some teams have had to lay off personnel and will have to rearm … if their sponsors and funders continue their commitment to the category.

“Obviously, this new calendar is subject to change in accordance with the resolution of the crisis and our ability to organize races in the countries we plan to visit on the dates mentioned above,” added Neveu.

The way things are going, it is more than likely that more than one ‘Gentleman Driver’ will have to reverse their intentions. And without them the finances of the teams will languish and will not reach the minimum necessary to be able to function or face unexpected contingencies during the season.


July 19 Paul Ricard –France–

August 9 Spa –Belgium–

August 29 Barcelona –Spain–

October 11 Monza –Italy–

November 1 Algarve –Portugal–

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