French tennis player Elliot Benchetrit He granted an interview to the newspaper L’Equipe, where he expressed his anger at the decision made by the US Open not to allow the previous phase of the tournament to be played, in order to avoid accumulation of players within the circuit and therefore decrease the probability of infections during those two weeks of competition-

-He was surprised with the USTA statement about the US Open:

“When I heard the news that there would be no qualifying at the US Open, I was a little surprised. It seemed like a surreal situation. Honestly, I was not disappointed, I was just upset and sad. I am a tennis player who has not played for over three months official game and you need tournaments to pick up pace and climb positions in the ranking. I have spent many months playing various Challengers tournaments in order to qualify for the preliminary phase of the US Open, so I finally cannot do it. I find it very frustrating. “

-I would have understood the decision if only the US Open were played:

“Honestly, if only the US Open were played I would have understood it. But knowing that Cincinnati and Washington will also be played makes me very sad. I think that if the US Open were played in a preliminary phase, the tournament would hardly win money and that’s why so I’m upset. If only the US Open were played I would have understood, but what I said earlier. Knowing that they will also be played in Cincinnati and Washington, one of the cities most affected by the crisis, the situation changes. “

-Division within the circuit:

“Djokovic said a few days ago that under those conditions he did not know if he would play the US Open. These types of players have an important voice within the circuit and many times they do not know the importance that they have in the face of these injustices. If tomorrow Djokovic, Nadal , Thiem, Wawrinka or Goffin said that they would not play the tournament. Would the US Open continue to be played? They are major absences and we do not know what would decide the tournament. The preliminary phase of a Grand Slam is part of the tournament and it seems unfair to me that it was not Go play. That indirectly prevents me from progressing in tennis, not making money and not being able to play against the best players on the circuit. “

-What will happen to the points?

“To be honest, points is what matters least to me in this matter. I am aware that there will be losers and winners in this matter. The only way to avoid these injustices is to change our points for the number of weeks in which we do not there has been no tournament. But still I think there will also be a lot of injustices. You have to accept whatever the ATP says. If you live permanently with injustices in your head, you finally stop playing tennis. I know if I can keep up that I have been showing in these last months things will go well for me. I will try to maintain this mental strength to prevent this from affecting me more than necessary, “he concluded.