From adored comedian to villain, and only mediating a few weeks of confinement by the Covid-19 truffled with viper tweets. The confinement in her fabulous Californian mansion is turning out to be an ordeal for the American presenter Ellen DeGeneres, object of a campaign of harassment and demolition from social networks that have ended up proclaiming her « one of the most evil people alive ». Who was described as the funniest woman in America, has admitted – through third parties – feeling « on the ropes » in the face of the recent avalanche of complaints about her capricious and derogatory behavior towards her subordinates. The job insecurity faced by the bulk of the team of his television show, which is now broadcast from the driver’s home, results in the deterioration of his reputation.

DeGeneres, 62, took the first messages against him posted on Twitter as a typical and fleeting campaign of haters (resentful who spread hate) against rich and famous people. And she more than responds to that profile. We are talking about an icon of the LGTBi community, which came out spectacularly from the closet 23 years ago. And also twice. Creator and then protagonist of a comedy named after her, Ellen, after many successful seasons decided to finally reveal to viewers that the character was a lesbian. And he did it overcoming the reluctance of the producers of the ABC chain [¡Que le compren un perrito¡”, fue la reacción de uno de los ejecutivos]. The actress won that war because at the same time she appeared on the cover of Times magazine announcing: « Yes, I am gay. » An extreme that he repeated on the television sofa of his friend Oprah Winfrey. There was no going back. And it did not go badly: throughout her career, the charismatic comedian and presenter has made a fortune of 330 million dollars (more than 305 million euros).

But the ball of criticism has continued to grow, to the point of having crossed the Atlantic and today being the object of attention of the powerful British tabloids. DeGeneres begins to denote his apprehension at the consequences that all this may bring to him.

The history of this downhill slope began in March, coinciding with the obligation of confinement in the United States. The also comedian Kevin T. Porter pulled the thread of Twitter demanding from users of the virtual community « the wildest stories » about DeGeneres’ alleged mistreatment of his employees. For each of them he would make a donation to the Los Angeles Food Bank. The flow of responses exceeded expectations, with the account of many episodes about the (bad) behavior of the television star, about a coldness in the treatment that contrasted with her public image of all sweetness, and also about her diva manias (as the requirement that anyone who went to her chew gum beforehand to avoid an alleged bad breath from reaching her).

Of greater significance was the subsequent information from Variety magazine about the situation of helplessness in which the permanent employees of Ellen DeGeneres’ show were. Faced with the allegations that those responsible for the program had left them in a labor limbo, the producer Warner Bros replied that they all maintained their salaries, although adapted to an unspecified reduction in working hours. New voices have been added to the critical chorus during this month of May, such as that of Tom Majerck, hired as the presenter’s bodyguard at the 2014 Oscars gala and who he just related in an interview with Fox News (an ultra-conservative chain he hates to Democrat DeGeneres) how she in her star pose treated him humiliatingly.

Ellen DeGeneres herself has stoked her still legion of followers with an unfortunate comment about the miseries of confinement in the fabulous Santa Barbara mansion (north of Los Angeles) that she shares with her partner of the past two decades, actress Portia de Rossi, known for the Ally McBeal series. « I feel like I’m in jail, » he explained to viewers during a broadcast filmed in his spacious living room, with windows open to a huge garden. « What a quarantine, when thousands of prisoners are locked in their cells without the minimum basic protection, » reads one of the comments posted on the networks and summarizes the impact that the comedian’s reflection has had.

The selfie that DeGeneres immortalized during the Hollywood Awards gala six years ago – along with the most sought-after actors and actresses in the industry – then went around the world and increased the popularity of the presenter of that gala. Those same digital media have now turned against him, and with all the rawness of the double edge that they reserve for their users, famous or anonymous.