Elizabeth Olsen reveals her favorite series and not Marvel

Actress Elizabeth Olsen stars on the cover of the Spanish edition of Glamor magazine and has talked about Wandavision, Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness and other interesting topics.

Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of the famous Mary-Kate and Ashley, has written her own story with impeccable calligraphy and free verse. With her role as Wanda Maximoff, she has become a key character in a Marvel universe to which she has contributed an indie profile with enormous projection.

Elizabeth Olsen represents like no one else the fact that one is always master of one’s destiny, no matter how marked it may seem a priori. Hers was, the younger sister of the famous Mary-Kate and Ashley has written her own story with impeccable calligraphy and free verse. Before becoming Wanda Maximoff, she conquered the indie scene, turning many eyes to her. With skill and elegance she took her place, until she reached her role as Scarlet Witch, an already key character within the Marvel family, with her own series on Diney + (WandaVision). This month the actress stars on the cover of Glamor Spain and has spoken about her character in the UCM and her favorite series, which will surprise you.

About her Scarlet Witch character

Elizabeth Olsen denounced her original small contract with Marvel

I have spent the last 7 years playing this character and she has changed and grown with me. But it wasn’t until WandaVision, and now Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, that I felt a sense of ownership and creative license with her.

On preparing the character

The preparation was incredible, constantly devouring sitcoms from all decades to inspire me by the quality of the voice and the way they moved. For the most part, there was also a lot of throwing myself into the pool giving it my all and waiting for it to work.

On the riskiness of a series like Wandavision

Wandavision was going to have an unforgettable cameo!

Wandavision was going to have an unforgettable cameo!

At first I was terrified. It was overwhelming to translate this character into a sitcom, and also in the wake of several decades of this type of format, and then return to the reality of Marvel. But I loved the story and I loved the journey that we took the audience on.

On the success of the series

I don’t expect anything, I don’t think about success. But the fact that he had it is still something I’m trying to understand.

On her work with Paul Bettany

Every day on set with Paul is a good day. All you want as an actor is someone who is fun, kind, caring, has ideas, and is prepared. I think we were constantly making each other laugh, whether it was because we felt like idiots or because we looked like idiots.

On the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Wandavision was going to have an unforgettable cameo!

Wandavision was going to have an unforgettable cameo!

Every Marvel movie is unique and this one is sure to surprise fans. I can’t wait to see your reaction, especially when it comes to the WandaVision part.

On how he chooses the papers

I think my ultimate goal is to keep challenging myself and always try to be inspired by a character, a story or the people who are part of the project. It doesn’t matter if that project is a big-budget feature film, or an indie film, or on television or in a movie theater.

On her coexistence with fame since she was a child

I wouldn’t say that I’ve been “living with fame” since I was a kid, but it was out there. Being from Los Angeles, it just exists, either because it’s from your family or someone else’s. The most important thing to learn about fame is that it means nothing or provides anything. So I don’t really think about it as it is actually useless to me and to those who are important to me.

About your favorite series

I loved watching the entire Peaky Blinders, I think Helen McCrory’s screen mastery is exhilarating. I feel like I learn something every time I see it. I also loved I May Destroy You. Michaela Coel is wonderful to see, and her writing knows no bounds.

About his best summer

I never really thought of labeling things as “the best”, but I have to say that after a year and a half playing Wanda, I’m really looking forward to this summer.

The entire interview with Elizabeth Olsen can be read in Glamor June, on sale May 20.

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