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WandaVision – 95% was the prelude that prepared us for much more spectacular events together with Wanda Maximoff. In the last scene of the character in the series we can see her practicing her Chaos Magic with the help of the Book of the Damned, so we can expect a much more acute mastery of her powers in the future. For Glamor Spain (via Explain) Elizabeth Olsen talks about the great amazement that awaits Marvel Studios fans with the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It seems that madness is literally approaching.

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The last chapter of WandaVision It was not what many expected. The theories that emerged over the weeks became increasingly untenable, but only a few came true. What was very clear is that Wanda Maximoff is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Agatha Harkness herself mentions that the Scarlet Witch’s magic is destined to be stronger than that possessed by the Supreme Sorcerer, so in the We hope to see this omen in the future. Elizabeth olsen He will return for the second Doctor Strange movie and ensures that fans will be surprised by what awaits him.

Every Marvel movie is unique and this one is sure to surprise fans. I can’t wait to see your reaction, especially when it comes to the WandaVision part.

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The actress also spoke about the risk involved in developing a series such as WandaVision:

At first I was terrified. It was overwhelming to translate this character into a sitcom, and also in the wake of several decades of this type of format, and then return to Marvel reality. But I loved the story and I loved the journey that we took the audience on. I don’t expect anything, I don’t think about success. But the fact that he had it is still something I’m trying to understand.

Benedict Cumberbatch will return to take his place of honor at Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but things could get really difficult for the Sorcerer Supreme. Now we know that Wanda Maximoff is much more powerful than him, which could represent a disadvantage or a great relief for the protagonist, depending on the role that the Scarlet Witch plays in the plot … Friend or foe? The filming of the film ended in mid-April and now it only remains to allow time for the premiere. It will hit theaters on March 25, 2022.

The fans hope that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness become the breath of fresh air that the MCU so badly needs. The first movie had some novel details but it was no more than something regular, Marvel Studios has in front of it a great opportunity for redemption, it needs to take advantage of it urgently if it does not want to stay stuck in the same thing. The fact that in the title includes the word “multiverse” already means too much, we just hope that the writers know how to take the best opportunities and exploit them to the maximum.

The interdimensional theme is about to make its official appearance in Marvel Studios products and it is likely that some new faces will come with it, other dimensions demand other familiar faces. The other great title that refers to the encounters of characters from other dimensions is Spider-Man: No Way Home, because in recent weeks much has been said about the return of actors who in previous years played Spider-Man and who are about to return to keep Tom Holland’s Peter Parker company.

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