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Are you still in the mood to know all about British royalty? Isabel II spotlight is the documentary for you as it opens a fascinating window into the extremely private life of Queen Elizabeth II and focuses on important moments, when the hidden side of the House of Windsor collides with the public life of the monarchy, all in through the Nat Geo channel and the FOX Premium platform.

Narrated through an incredible selection of archival materials, the documentary immerses viewers in Her Majesty’s life and makes them feel as if they too are members of her inner circle, with unique access to the life of the Queen.

Isabel II spotlight is executive produced and directed by Tom Jennings, who makes use of his characteristic first-person storytelling style to create a gripping account of the queen’s personal life.

“I had exclusive access to archives while shaping the full story of Queen Elizabeth II, which is generally emphasized by themes of love and marriage: from abdication and Princess Margaret to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and Princes William. and Harry, ”says Jennings, director and executive producer. “I am hopeful that when viewers see the personal moments in which the Queen leads her people through crucial and historical situations, they will have a clear picture of the myriad circumstances the monarch went through and the many struggles. that shook their dynasty ”.

Elizabeth II in the foreground selects material from thousands of photographs and hundreds of hours of footage to reveal a treasure trove of rarely, if ever, seen or heard testimonies of Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne and places the viewer in the spotlight during some of the most important and difficult moments in the history of the British monarchy. The documentary draws on information sources from around the world, such as British Movietone, ., the BBC, ITN and ITV, and includes the following:

Queen Elizabeth documentary

Unpublished interviews – Located deep within the Library of Congress of the United States and recently digitized, unused interviews from the book The Monarchy, by Deborah Hart Strober and Gerald S. Strober, published in 2002, are released for the first time in Elizabeth II in the foreground. The interviews are with friends, confidants, private secretaries and politicians who were witnesses from within the historic reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Never heard audios – In never-heard audio recordings from the archives of biographer Anne de Courcy, viewers will hear Princess Margaret’s husband Lord Snowden (Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones) describe his visit to the Welsh mining town of Aberfan after the 1966 catastrophe that left a death toll of 116 children and 28 adults.

Never seen home movies – For the first time, audiences will be able to see the Queen’s visit to Aberfan after the horrific disaster, as filmed by local resident Harry Breeze.

Little spread radio broadcasts – From the BBC archives, very little publicized broadcasts including the announcement of the death of King George VI and live broadcasts of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Little known photographs – From the archives of the Evening Standard newspaper, with the original markings made with crayon, before being cut out for printing, this collection of photographs includes a photo of Princess Margaret riding a horse with her boyfriend Peter Townsend. The couple were rarely photographed together in an intimate or informal setting.

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