Following the success of her performance in The Invisible Man, Elisabeth Moss will return to star in another Blumhouse thriller titled Mrs. March.

This film, which will be an adaptation of the most recent novel by Virginia Feito, due to be released in August 2021. In Mrs. March, Elisabeth Moss will play a refined housewife from the prestigious New York neighborhood, Upper East Side. During the story, the housewife begins to suspect that the detestable protagonist of her husband’s latest best-selling novel is based on her, so she will fall apart and this will unleash dire consequences (via The Wrap). Feito will also be in charge of writing the script for the film adaptation.

The Wrap also revealed the statements of Elisabeth Moss shared in a statement about her participation in the film and the emotion that comes from being part of this story. In addition, this film will be produced in collaboration with Love And Squalor Pictures, the production house of the actress who will debut with this film.

“I read Virginia’s novel in one go and I was so captivated that I knew I had to do it and play Mrs. March. As a character, she is fascinating, complex and deeply human and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into her. Mrs. March is exactly the kind of attractive and challenging female project that Love And Squalor Pictures is designed to do.

As a company, we are delighted to make our debut as a Blumhouse partner. Having worked with Jason (Blum) in the United States and with the company on The Invisible Man, I am constantly amazed by his creativity and intelligence. Jason Blum (Founder and CEO of Blumhouse) is a powerful force in the world of storytelling and I am personally honored to be in the Blumhouse family. « 

Recently, the actress also showed her enthusiasm for her past collaboration with Blumhouse, as she revealed that if there was a demand for a second part of The Invisible Man, she would help the production take place herself.

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