Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina He gave an interview to a Ukrainian portal to analyze what his feelings are after the news of the return of tennis for the month of August and the conditions under which the US Open could be played, a tournament that is receiving much criticism over the days seeing as it is at the moment the situation in New York, one of the great epicenters of the pandemic.

-Uncertainty for the future of tennis in the coming months:

“It is great that tennis returns but all the players have many questions. Today, the conditions they offer us are not ideal, because there will be many tests, we will have isolation and we do not know what will happen with the points and the money. If the WTA decides not to distribute points in tournaments, I don’t know if it would make sense to go play in the tournament. I know there will be more meetings and in the next few weeks we will know new data. ”

-The USTA and the US Open will fight for the tournament to be played:

“There is no doubt that the USTA and the US Open will do everything possible to ensure that the tournament is held as well as possible and with the sole objective that no player get sick during the tournament. As I said before, the conditions are being quite strict and there are things that very few people like. According to the rule, if he gets sick or has any symptoms, the tennis player could be eliminated from any round, isolated there for fourteen days and without being in contact with absolutely No one. We will see over the days how things evolve. I hope everything goes well and returns to normal as soon as possible. “

-Preparation for the return to tennis:

“I have been training a lot in recent weeks and little by little I am recovering sensations. I have played a few weeks ago some exhibition games in Switzerland and in Berlin. It is good that preparatory tournaments of this type are appearing in order to pick up pace. They are contests of eight or nine tennis players and without spectators, so the risk of catching it is much less. I already want the competition to return and we can compete for the important tournaments “, concluded Svitolina who will try to finish the season again in the first WTA ranking positions.