Tennis is a very solitary sport by definition and that you have a close environment does not have to mean that this company is all the beneficial that in itself supposes having the support and accompaniment of your trusted people. The Ukrainian Elina Svitolina She has told in ‘Behind the racquet’ her experience in all her stages as a player, stopping at an intermediate in which her parents they got too close and added extra pressure on her progression as a player.

– Elina tells how her competitiveness requires her to excel.

“Compared to the other players, my journey has been gradual. I was always stepping forward, trying not to lose the urge to improve my game. I played the “10,000” tournaments, then the “25,000” tournaments, and then slowly began to enter Grand Slams. Then I played on the bigger stages and tried to get into the Top-10, but I pushed myself too hard. Now, for example, it doesn’t matter what position I’m in that I always want more. When I was number 30 in the world, I thought: “If I am in the Top 10 I will be happy”, but when I reached the Top 10, I was crying after losing games. It’s never enough. But I also learned to enjoy every game, even the most difficult battles. I have been a Top-10 player for over three years. Maintaining a constant state of mind is important and I’ve also managed to integrate that into my game. “

– Turn off external noise, a fundamental factor to grow.

“When I was making the transition from junior to professional circuit, there were a lot of doubts. People expect you to improve quickly and compare you to other players who are the same age but who are better ranked. You have this negative voice in your head but you have to leave cast aside doubts and work hard every day because in tennis, everyone works hard but only a few show consistent results. It is very important to draw your own path and that will help you overcome difficult times. “

– Elina points to a specific stage in which her parents were too much on top of her.

“I think the most difficult thing was that my parents were involved in my tennis. Parents who get involved in tennis add a lot of extra pressure. The mixture of pressure from my family and my own expectations was really difficult, especially when I lost in first grade. I was hanging around and struggling to improve my ranking. My parents wanted me to win every game. At some point, it’s important that every parent walk away and my parents realized this five years ago. It was very important to me to have that independence; From this process, I found my own way. I still think back to my childhood sometimes. Maybe it could have been better if my parents hadn’t pushed me so hard. However, these difficult times helped me get to where I am and made me the person I am. I am today. “

– Finally, Svitolina is very grateful for everything received for this sport.

“Tennis gave me everything I have today. I am very lucky to have chosen tennis as my profession because it taught me a lot. Tennis taught me discipline, gave me the opportunity to meet great people and showed me incredible places. I don’t take these things for granted. Tennis gave me my life. “