WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 – Analysis

WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 – Analysis | Wrestling planet

An extremely solid event, but one that will be remembered for the poor execution and booking of the main event

The Elimination Chamber 2020 event in Philadelphia lacked interest and more with an almost steamed undercard. WWE continues to have many shows before WrestleMania. Surprisingly, Elimination Chamber 2020 was a solid show until the poor booking of the main event.

Gulak vs Bryan was a great opener in a fight with technique, key and a feeling that at times it was a fight rather than a fight. Andrade and Carrillo gave a good fight but already well seen and with the same end as always. Like the public was involved. The Chamber of couples had problems of execution and communication, but it was entertaining in the end.

The public in Philadelphia is difficult and after the 2nd fight, he decided to disconnect from the show. Whether it was from exhaustion or refusing to accept what they were seeing. Black and Styles gave a brutal fight without disqualification and well executed. The disinterested public was only moved by the intervention of the Undertaker.

The fights for the scepters of couples of Raw and for the IC were each according to what was expected. The main event of the Women’s Chamber was a disaster. Shayna winning was expected, but the execution was typical of a company that is just starting in business.

Shayna was reinforced as a monster. The problem was the way to do it with dead intervals in which a new fighter came out of his pod. On top of it all, Asuka was the last one eliminated and the confrontation with Shayna didn’t last that short. The issue was not the winner (because they had already mounted the Shayna vs. Becky rivalry), but the way.

As the main event of a PPV, it was very poor and unworthy. The company put itself out in the fight and in trying to make up for that mistake they burned the already burned RAW women’s division (outside Asuka). They just can’t make a consistent head-to-toe show on the main roster in WWE. In the case of Shayna, it seems that we will now have the female version of Brock Lesnar (Ronda was a bit). Something that has been proven not to be good in the medium or long term.

Women’s Elimination Chamber

Asuka vs Shayna Baszler vs Ruby Riott vs Natalya vs Liv Morgan vs Sara Logan

The fight lasted 21 minutes. Little can be said of it when it did not have great substance. Outside of which Natalya and Ruby started, then Sara Logan entered to hit Nattie with a strong knee. Shayna entered and eliminated Natalya with her rear naked.

Shayna is not a bad fighter but she ran into trouble running a sort of gutwrench suplex. Shayna swung Liv against one of the pods and then knocked her unconscious with the rear naked called by the Kirifuda Clutch. Worst of all was the slowness of the fight and poorly planned. With 5-minute intervals between each inning, there were lapses where nothing happened and Shayan was alone in the ring.

Asuka was the last to enter and lasted a little longer than the others, but she was still buried. Asuka twice did her Asuka Lock but Shayna ran away. Baszler attacked Asuka’s injured wrist and then kicked her over the head. The Kirifuda Clutch ended the Empress of Tomorrow. It is possible that Shayna easily defeats Becky in Mania so that later The Man has his story of redemption. Predictable but that seems like the plan.

Rating: 1 star

Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

The fight was opener and Gulak being the local vs. Daniel Bryan. The combat was of key and aggressiveness expected by the style of both. Bryan felt revitalized in this fight against the former cruiserweight champion. The focus of less is more and the two applied it perfectly in the fight that lasted 14 minutes.

They both searched for half-crabs early. Gulak had early medicine against Bryan by reversing an attempt by Romero Special to apply that same brace. After that slight start on the canvas came the chops from both sides.

Gulak was so brilliant that he attacked Bryan’s neck with good psychology. Drew made a good swinging neckbreaker to increase the damage. The fight had good visual moments as both applying a heel hook and kicking each other showing that feeling of being a fight rather than a fight.

Gulak continued to focus on the neck with a brutal Saito suplex. Bryan answered that punishment with a beautiful snapDragon Suplex. Like the entire story of the fight, Gulak gave Bryan a reply. Bryan fell dramatically to his neck in Gulak’s German suplex. In the end Bryan was able to survive.

Daniel received a Warrior Special (Inverted superplex) and Gulak followed with a beautiful transition to a Dragon Sleeper with earwigs. Bryan was able to reverse the key to his LaBell Lock cross lock. Gulak vanished, so we may see another fight between the two of them.

Rating: 4 stars

Men’s Tag Team Elimination Chamber

Miz and Morrison vs New Day: Big E and Kofi Kingston vs Heavy Machinery: Otis and Tucker vs The Usos vs Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs Lucha House Party: Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado

The fight was the longest on the show but it was entertaining. The fight was disorderly and at times with many errors of fluidity and therefore communication. Some botches like Metalik plates or Otis looking at Golden Lynx, above a pod without much reason to exist.

That if Metalik and Dorado had one of their best performances since they are on the main roster. The former Golden Mask in the CMLL (Metalik) threw a great mortal from the top of a pod into the ring. Metalik also showed Morrison a super frankensteiner from the third rope.

The best spot for the fight was that of Lince Dorado, who hung on the Chamber’s ring to fall into an unreal shooting star press. Heavy Machinery entered and with their weight they eliminated Lucha House Party. Dolph and Roode were the last to enter and there were winks of the Ziggler and otis rivalry. Dolph crashed Otis onto a camera pod and pulled him out of the ring and fight. Tucker still shone with a mortal from above one of the pods.

Roode eliminated Heavy Machinery with the Glorious DDT to Tucker. Uses with irons above the pods eliminated Roode and Ziggler. The champions Miz and Morrison as good opportunists heels eliminated Kofi after the failure of this in an iron from the top of a pod.

The final part with the Usos and the champions was good with several false endings. The Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale was one of them. The champions as good heels stole the fight with a bridge combo of both with the Miz resting on the ropes.

Rating: 3 stars 3 rooms

AJ Styles vs Aleister Black

No DQ match

AJ Styles has not been 100% for a long time but many people forget that he has had great struggles under the radar (vs Ricochet, Cedric, Rollins or Bryan). He and Black gave a great fight in execution and brutality being No DQ without resorting to blood or exaggerated spots.

Styles had a good attack on Black’s leg. AJ immediately attacked Black with saddles behind his back. Styles with good psychology looked for his Calf Crusher and in a nice touch for the stipulation, Black broke the key by placing the kendo stick on the neck of the Phenomenal One. Black started with his aggressiveness when attacking kendo sticks at AJ; Styles breathed in with a Pele Kick. Then came the buffet of power movements: AJ with his broken Ushigoroshi and Black with a German with a bridge.

Styles winked at his match against the Taker in WM when he wanted to apply a Tombstone. The best spot in the fight was Black to AJ’s Meteora (double knee) on a table. Styles recovered after receiving help from the OC (Gallows and Anderson). After the Magic Killer, Black seemed defeated but the Taker choked up with the OC and Styles. Black won the fight with his Black Mass kick and took revenge for the loss of his undefeated RAW in the week.

We may see Styles and OC vs. Taker and Black for WM. In that way the fight could be more moved than if it is only the Taker and the Phenomenal One.

Rating: 3 stars 3 rooms

The Street Profits (c): Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford vs Seth Rollins and Buddy Muprhy in Elimination Chamber 2020

Rating: 3 stars

Formula fight and longer than his good RAW match where the Profits were crowned. The public was off despite how over the Profits are and more with their motto of We Want the Smoke.

After the Dawkins hot tag, there were good variations to Raw’s fight. Seth bypassing the Doomsday Device to apply Sling Blade or Ford Grilled Knees for a rollup. After a Power of Doom spot, Kevin Owens distracted Rollins and the champions beat Murphy with Ford’s toad iron. KO vs Rollins goes for Mania.

Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carillo

US Championship

The fight was solid but it’s one we’ve already seen a lot on RAW. Andrade had a bit of arm attack psychology, but then she forgot. The end was again the same with back-tapping attempts from both, for Andrade to win once more by grabbing Carrillo’s outfit.

Rating: 3 stars

Braun Strowman (c) vs Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro

The fight was regular but oddly enough, those in the lead won a handicap match in WWE. Kinshasa from Nakamura to Braun in the corner was key. Sami Zayn as the cowardly heel led the final attack. Nakamura and Cesaro lifted Braun with a double suplex and Sami lowered him with his Helkuva Kick kick.

Sami surprisingly managed the count of 3 and thus became an IC champion (the first title for him on the main roster). Cesaro, Nakamura and Sami are IC champions. Not the way, but at least something for Zayn who is wasted as Shinsuke’s manager. A rematch can be come for WM with Braun regaining the belt.

Rating: 2 stars a half

Elimination Chamber 2020 rating: 7 out of 10

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