The social network Facebook eliminated in August a network of accounts and pages linked to a US company that sought to influence public opinion in Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Mexico and Bolivia, company sources confirmed to Efe.

Between August 1 and 31, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg deleted 55 accounts, 42 pages and 36 Instagram accounts (owned) that were linked to the US communications company CLS and that violated Facebook’s community rules about transparency.

This network used accounts with false identities – some of which posed as nationals of the countries in question – to amplify content of a political nature, direct Internet users to other places on the web and confuse them about who was behind them , even in some cases pretending that they were political parties.

All this constitutes a violation of Facebook’s prohibition to carry out “coordinated inauthentic behavior” exercises, which is why it proceeded to its deletion.

Facebook pages reached 509,000 followers, while Instagram accounts had 43,000, and the network spent $ 3.6 million on online advertising on these platforms.

Also in August, the Menlo Park (California, USA) -based company eliminated another network of thirteen accounts and two pages originating in Russia, which were dedicated to recruiting American journalists to write stories from a progressive lens with the intention of influencing in the public opinion of the United States.

Journalists recruited by the Russian network wrote and shared articles on racial justice, Democrat Joe Biden’s candidacy for the US Presidency and the policies of President and Republican candidate for re-election, Donald Trump, always from a leftist perspective.

Facebook indicated that the operation was “in its early stages” and still in the process of building a significant audience, since the total of followers of the pages was 14,000 users.

The social network is in the spotlight in the face of the US presidential elections on November 3 due to the possibility that foreign agents use it to try to influence public opinion and the US campaign, as has already happened by Russian hackers in the 2016 elections.

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