Eliéser Hernández left due to injury in the Marlins game

Eliéser Hernandez of the Marlins from Miami left the meeting yesterday for injury in its 2021 season premiere of the Big leagues.

On its opening day, Eliéser Hernandez He left the game against the Tampa Bay Rays after feeling sore tendon in his right biceps. In just the third episode, the manager of the Marlins He had to date the Pitching Coach and the Trainer.

Later, Eliéser Hernandez walked to the dogout without even doing a test throw to gauge his condition on the Big leagues.

After his injury, it is still unknown how long the 25-year-old Creole could be out, who has only registered one victory since the 2020 campaign in the MLB.

For his part, Don Mattingly expressed that the depth of the Marlins in his arms from the Big Show.

Here is the report: