It’s a sad day for Elie Semoun. Saturday September 12, 2020, the famous comedian shared a tragic news with his 250,000 subscribers on Instagram: his father, Paul Semhoun, is deceased. “My dad died this morning”, he revealed in the caption of a snapshot of him and the deceased. And despite the obvious age difference, the two men look like two drops of water. Elie Semoun indicates in particular that he was able to stay at his father’s bedside during his last moments. “With my sister [Anne-Judith, ndlr.] we said goodbye to him, that we love him”, Continues the comedian on Instagram. He also took the opportunity to express his gratitude to his most loyal fans: “Thank you for your outbursts of tenderness, he deserved it”, He finally concluded. Following this loss, Elie Semoun is now an orphan. Her mother, Denise, died at the age of 37 from hepatitis. The actor was then only 11 years old.

Internet users support Elie Semoun

The last few months have been very difficult for Elie Semoun. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the elderly are particularly vulnerable. During confinement, the comedian feared a lot for his father, who lives in an EHPAD. Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Paul Semhoun “continued to lose his head”. But his son had finally been able to see him in April, a very moving moment despite the plexiglass separation. Elie Semoun’s followers had notably followed this long-awaited reunion, which had given the comedian a smile. After the announcement of his father’s death, his subscribers hastened to send him their condolences in comments.

“I think many of us were following the outbursts of tenderness with your dad. I am sorry to learn of his departure ”,“ All my support ”,“ With all my heart with you ”,“Thank you for sharing with us the tenderness and gentleness of your dad… a new star is watching over you ”,“ Very touched by this news. I followed all your videos with your daddy who seemed to be a loving, gentle and always in a good mood“,” Big thought for you, “wrote the netizens.

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