Elias vs King Corbin | Wrestlemania 36

Wrestlemania 36 | The match he wanted was agreed upon by Rob Gronkowski, the host of the event. If the fight wins, we will be before someone who will receive the favors of the board to go straight to some championship. He knows that his most direct rival for his goals is Corbin.

Victory for him means revenge for everything he has done to him in the past, and a shout aloud to the entire cast. Don’t forget that the man with the guitar and scarf also knows how to fight and it is not as peaceful as anyone might think.

Manages to beat King Corbin after being thrown from above last week

With all that Elias suffered last week on Friday Night Smackdown, when he was thrown from above by King Corbin, He manages to take revenge by defeating him at Wrestlemania in tonight’s second bout. We want to know what is next for both Elias and King Corbin. Both have been pretty much wasted by creatives, it may be a new beginning for both of them.

Elias’ victory is the first in the great event of WWE, after in previous years he only showed up to perform his musical segments and be part of some humiliation of John Cena. Many are those who affirm that Elias has the potential to do important things in the company. It all depends on the creatives and Vince McMahon.

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