Elías Israel Tuesdays: 50 “kilazos” by Varane

As it usually happens in these cases, the illusion is triggered, the unquestionable record of the footballer stands out, his meticulousness to know the ins and outs of the club he is going to reach to try to make his adaptation as fast as possible and search all the details that allow to enlarge your figure.

In the noble area of ​​Valdebebas they rub their hands. It cost ten million to bring him from Lens and he has given ten seasons at a very high level. Fifty million euros in a completely down market, for a player who has a year left on his contract and who could go free on June 30, sounds like a round operation from an economic point of view. The most debatable question is from the sporting point of view: Madrid sponsors the departure of its two titular centrals, Varane and Sergio Ramos, and, in return, he has brought, very well brought by the way, David Alaba. The white defense, if it is not reinforced with some other central central and resorts to the home alternatives of Chust or Vallejo, it will be objectively weaker than last season.


New injury to Sergio Ramos, who will be a week without training


Gambling everything to the letter of M’Bappé has its risks. No matter how good and different French may be, no matter how much your business plan changes, it will have to endure significant pressure, not to say unbearable. If you come to Madrid it will be to win more money and more titles, put it in the order you prefer. Even with the arrival of Kylian, and his complicity with Benzema, a team needs much more to be truly competitive and to be eligible for the important titles, with real competition in all positions.

It would be opportunistic to mention the game against Rangers to put the finger on the sore of the many doubts that Ancelotti’s depth of staff generates. The Italian has to be able to put into competitive dynamics players who promised a lot or cost a lot, such as Odegaard or Jovic, and who have not just adapted to the weight of the white jersey. Now captain Marcelo and Isco need to choose whether they prefer to continue feeling like footballers or to continue sinking into the shifting sands of mediocrity. Carletto crosses his fingers so that the ankles, or who knows if the heads, of Hazard and Bale are reset to recover some of that splendor that sounds so distant and that now looks utopian.

Without the leadership of Ramos on and off the field, without the hierarchy of Varane, with the illusion of M’Bappé that depends on a capricious sheikh, but with 50 kilos on the bench, he faces an uncertain season. At least, something more is moving than the Bernabéu cranes.


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