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Elías Hernández is aware that the start of Guard1anes 2020 has been complicated for him due to the bad football moment he is in, which is why he has been criticized by several Cruz Azul fans.

What was surprising is that from Clausura 2020 to Apertura 2020, the level of the ‘Patrolman’ changed a lot. The player himself mentioned that he has not felt comfortable, but with the confidence that he has improved a bit in recent days, as he wants to be called up to the Mexican team.

« What else would I like to be good all the time, but there are always ups and downs. I have lacked to be finer with the ball, as the team demands, but this last week I have felt better, with a little more confidence. No everything lasts forever. « 

« I hope to get out of this moment that I have not felt comfortable with. You have to be 100 percent, at a high level and among the best of Mexico, » said Elías Hernández.

The 32-year-old from Michoacán has participated in all the matches of this tournament with the light blue shirt, but in his statistics he has not registered goals or assists, in his 293 minutes of action on the court.

Contrary to the previous tournament, in which he shone with four goals and five assists, in only the ten days that were played in Clausura 2020.