Elegant but casual, Alexa Dellanos shares her street look

Elegant but casual, Alexa Dellanos shares her street look | INSTAGRAM

Despite all the negative comments the beautiful model American Alexa Dellanos does not stop enjoying her eccentric way of living and generating income modeling and showing off her flirty figure either in swimsuits, elegant sets or clothing to go out or Street wear.

On this occasion the beautiful young woman presumed that she has decided to take some holidays and take a summer trip with one of her best friends and in fact she already started by London and is already moving to another destination.

However, what most caught the attention of his fans was the beautiful way he dresses when going out on the street, a Street Wear that we consider simple but elegant, there is no doubt that he has a great sense of the fashion and who knows how to walk his accessories and clothes perfectly.

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Starting with a short video we can see that he was walking with a coat in what seems to be the streets of London, He was also in charge of wearing quite wide and square sunglasses that gave the distinctive touch to his look.

Of course her hair blonde stood out and became the center of attention among many users who enjoy watching it a lot and especially who take these entertainment pieces so that we can appreciate them.


Then we move on to another flirty video in which he makes a close-up of his face and wearing only a white dress with which he dedicated himself to travel, in addition to which he took an incredible photograph with it just before getting on the private plane that he got to make this journey.

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That’s right, the beautiful daughter of Mirka Dellanos very much enjoys the luxuries and much more to show them off on her social networks so she took an almost perfect shot from the back of her great beauty and this was the favorite photo of her fans.

In Show News we will continue to share her journey and of course the best moments of her trip in which her beauty will surely be photographed or captured as a video so that you can continue to enjoy her charms and go that the content of Alexa Dellanos is very liked and shared so you can also do it through these notes.

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