Elegant and mature, Maribel Guardia in dress suit impresses fans

Elegant and mature, Maribel Guardia in a dress suit impresses fans (INSTAGRAM)

Elegant and mature, Maribel Guardia in a dress suit impresses the fans | INSTAGRAM

There is no doubt that the Costa Rican actress and host, Maribel Guardia, is and will continue to be one of the most beautiful women in Latin American entertainment, after so many years she has shown that there are no impossibilities to look young, although in the photo we will address today much more elegant and mature.

This is the last publication on her official Instagram, where we can see Maribel Guardia in a black suit with a super cute red that made her look quite pretty, an outfit somewhat more in line with her age and with which she showed that maturity it is also quite attractive.

The beautiful host wants her fans to feel good about themselves, so she dedicated the following words to them in the description of the image: “In case no one told you today: You are great, incredible, unmatched, and you are worth a lot more than you think ❤️ look of the day “, seeking to help whoever reads it.

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One of the most beautiful details of the image is the accessories that Maribel wore, as she wears huge heart earrings that adorned her quite well, but what was most striking was the background of the photo, since it appears recharged in a cute full body piano, one that really looks expensive and luxurious.

So far there are more than 41 thousand fans who have come to give their respective “like” managing to support the beautiful host, also commenting in a large quantity those compliments and compliments with which they seek to attract her attention, many of the young Internet users would surely like to be his sugar mommy.

Maribel Guardia is already 61 years old and, nevertheless, she still looks super young but above all attractive, being the legendary star that she has become, defending her title as the most beautiful mature woman, trying hard to achieve it with diet and exercise.

Internet users very much appreciate that Guardia continues on television, admiring her efforts quite a lot since she has told us that in order to keep herself as she is today, she has had to follow a very strict diet and of course an endless exercise routine, in where her personal gym is the source of inspiration, this thanks to the fact that its walls are full of images of herself in her course as the beautiful model that she is.

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Something very remarkable about her Instagram photos is that they are taken by a professional photographer, thanks to the fact that we can see Maribel Guardia very squarely with some elements in the background that are trees and a garden that made her look even more fresh and natural.

It has been many years since the beautiful Costa Rican began her career and above all delighting the pupils of Latin Americans and much more Mexicans who see her present on most of television and even in advertisements of all kinds.

A few days ago, the presenter of the Hoy program unleashed several rumors about a new aesthetic operation to refine her face, although it could be due to makeup, as well as the effect of light or any of those elements that could affect.