Elegance that of Maribel Guardia when posing in a printed dress

Elegance of Maribel Guardia when posing in a printed dress | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful model Y Costa Rican driver Maribel Guardia has not stopped impressing her fans by sharing various photographs in which her beautiful figure is the center of attention, in addition to the beautiful dresses she receives by parcel.

That’s right, the actress is getting various clothing sets and products directly to your home so that you can use them, try them first-hand and you can recommend them to your followers so that they can also buy them.

For this same reason that this time a elegant black sneakers and this dress with print gold, black and white with which it looks pretty good, a lot of elegance and distinction on its part, something that its fans recognized immediately.

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His followers gave him their respective likes and also commented on how much they enjoy his entertainment pieces and how good he looks at their already 62 years of age, that instead of looking like they are getting old, it seems that it is becoming more beautiful.

In the snapshot we can see that the stairs in his house work perfectly for this type of shots which is responsible for capturing the professional photographer which is responsible for producing all its content.

On several occasions we have been able to appreciate that her photos appear accompanied by her puppies and this has attracted a lot of attention from Internet users who on one occasion observed a photograph in which their pet appeared somewhat dirty, so they began to create memes about.

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In this particular photograph another one of his dogs appears, however, he looks pretty good, cared for, bathed and handsome to appear in the photo session, but many still wonder how the other one is doing, whether they have already bathed him or not.

In Show News we really enjoy being able to share the attractive and flirtatious content from Maribel Guardia, the beautiful Costa Rican who really does not stop improving herself, attending the gym eating well and above all always ready to pose before the camera that is in charge to capture it.

Everything she does becomes a trend thanks to her large number of followers who do not stop supporting her and who have helped her to stay inside her home working with her talent as an influencer, a new stage that she is enjoying a lot.

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