Electronic Arts hacked and game code stolen

Electronic Arts, one of the most important video game distributors / producers on the planet has been hacked. Bad news at the gates of E3 2021, the great annual event aimed at the first entertainment industry.

Electronic arts has confirmed a cyber attack against its infrastructure and that the information listed by the hackers corresponded to the stolen data. The company assures that “the data of the players was not accessed and we have no reason to believe that there is any risk to the privacy of the players,” it explains to reassure the millions of users who use its many video games or services.

Electronic Arts, another worrying cyberattack

However, the information that comes to us is not reassuring for the company itself and for the gaming industry in general, which still remembers the computer attack on CD Projekt RED or the less media attack, but no less important on Capcom, both through Ransomware.

From what we know so far, cybercriminals would have stolen 780 Gbytes of company data and as they have disclosed in forums they would have “full capacity to exploit all EA services.”

The stolen data would correspond to the game source code as popular as Battlefield, FIFA 21 (including scripts from your pairing server) or The Sims. Also the Battlefield 2042 that will be published next October and that will be the main triple-A of the production company for the last quarter of the year.

Perhaps the worst of this security breach is the theft of information related to Frostbite, the graphics engine that includes software development tools for game creators, plus EA’s proprietary frameworks and software development kits (SDKs). Criminals have published captures in private forums to show that they have this enormity of data that, as has happened on other occasions, they are trying to sell to the highest bidder.

Electronic Arts explains that after learning about the incident, they implemented security improvements in their infrastructure and said they did not expect an impact on our games or our business, although their shares fell more than 2% in the stock market.

“We are actively working with law enforcement officials and other experts as part of this ongoing criminal investigation,” explains the company, although the type of attack used for the intrusion is unknown.

Yes, another one to swell one very long list of security violations against any company or administration that comes within reach. Worrying.

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