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A new MeToo movement has taken place in recent days, thanks to which many women have publicly denounced mistreatment and behaviors stemming from sexual harassment. This problem has reached the video game industry, which has caused companies to fire employees involved in this. So far, no case has been known within Electronic Arts, but the company has ruled on it.

Through an official statement, Electronic Arts said it was aware of the events that have been happening lately and condemned all kinds of violence or sexual harassment and invited to denounce these behaviors.

The company endorsed its commitment to eradicate these practices, mentioning that any accusation is taken with the seriousness it deserves, so they ask their employees to openly report any type of abuse of inappropriate sexual behavior in the appropriate departments within the company, either personally or anonymously.

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Sexual misconduct is unacceptable to Electonic Arts in the gaming community

Electronic Arts acknowledged that there is much to be done around this issue and knows that it affects community members as well. This is why the company invited all victims who have been victims of problems of this type to speak and provided a page where they can find more information.

“Being part of a gaming community, regardless of whether you are an employee, creator, player, or anyone else, should be positive, fun, fair, inclusive, and, most importantly, a safe experience. This is a part of our commitment to Positive Play. [Positive Play] and we intend to continue acting in this regard, ”said Electronic Arts in the statement.

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Recently there were allegations of inappropriate behavior in the video game industry

All this started about a week ago, when many women came out to denounce the practices of some personalities on social networks. This movement reached video games and one of those affected was Chris Avellone, after some women declared that they had suffered sexual harassment and abuse on their part.

Also, in Ubisoft there was a case of an artist who decided to resign after a woman publicly exposed evidence of an alleged marital infidelity. Shortly thereafter, the French company would also investigate 2 employees from whom they received reports of sexual harassment, according to one report.

Electronic Arts has shown its support to various members of its community and has joined social causes, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, even announcing measures to eradicate the problem within its games. If you want to know more about Electronic Arts, we invite you to check this page.

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