Electric Renault 4 would arrive in November 2021

Since the beginning of the year, when it became known that Renault was preparing an electric version of one of its classics, which ended up being the 5 Prototype that will go into production in 2023, It has been speculated that the brand could also bring back the Renault 4. And now, with this new logo, hopes are growing even higher.

As it was discovered, Renault applied to patent the logo you see above, where a variation of the new logo that was recently made official frames the number 4. Yes to the fact that one of Renault’s plans is to launch seven new fully electric vehicles by 2025 We add this new information, it is not much that we can deviate from the speculation that one of these will be a new Renault 4.

Renault, new logo 2021

As if that were not enough, the Renault 4 also celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and the brand has already revealed a whole series of activities. So things, What better complement to that celebration than the presentation of a rebirth of the 4? The “surprise”, it seems, would be ready for next November.

The question is: what will it be like? With the Renault 5 already confirmed as a small passenger car, there are those who point out that the electric Renault 4 will be a kind of small commercial vehicle which will be based on the 4L. Like the 5 and the Zoe, it would use a variant of the CMF-B platform suitable for an electric motorization.

Will 2021 then be the year we finally see the return of the Renault 4?

Renault 4 60 years

Renault 4 60 years