Electric hummer dominates the moab desert to test 4×4 capabilities

GMC brought the new Hummer EV, an electric 4×4 with ‘super power’, to one of the stages world’s most extreme off-road to fine-tune all its features and capabilities: the desert of Moab in Utah, USA.

This series of tests was recorded in a video in which the new 1,000-horsepower Hummer EV and more than 15,000 Nm of torque climbs steep slopes, perches on rocks, descends almost vertical hills and skids on sand.

Adventures that are part of the set-up of the new electric pick up with which the Hummer brand is reborn. The GMC teams went there to test and calibrate components and 4×4 specific systems.

Hummer EV dominates the Moab desert

Among the systems that were tested were the sadaptive pneumatic suspension, the driving modes on different types of terrain, the e4WD electronic traction control, torque distribution, slip differential locks, the stability control and also, the operation of the rear wheel steering, or CrabWalk (walked crab style).

Hummer EV dominates the Moab desert

Hummer EV in the Moab Desert

But mainly the one-pedal drive control of the Hummer EV for use in off-road mode so that with a single pedal the pick up can accelerate, control torque and brake and also regenerate energy, to give the greatest sense of control of this bestial 4×4.

Finally also Terrain mode was calibrated of Hummer EV to lead to low speed and help drivers navigate steep slopes, climb rocks and go down hills with complete confidence.

Hummer EV dominates the Moab desert

Electric Hummer, all-wheel drive pick-up and with three 1,000 HP motors and 15,600 Nm of torque

Hummer EV dominates the Moab desert

Hummer EV Crab Mode

Hummer EV, Crab Mode

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