With the arrival of higher temperatures, many people renew their wish to take advantage of the best climate to eat a barbecue at home. However, Many are the users who they lack the necessary place in their homes to build your dream grill.

Technological advance allowed to modify the use of the traditional gas oven by small electric furnaces. And with the grills, something similar started happening. Why? Many people are seduced by the features and are encouraged to try the advantages of electric grills, devices that stand out for their practical use and wash as well as for its portability.

Even, from the size that some have, it is not even necessary to have a large garden or balcony since they can be used in any living room or kitchen.

Here is a brief description of some of the most efficient devices to fulfill the desire of the barbecue at home

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Cuisinart Electric Grill (mod. GR40AR): it has a design that is easy to use in polished steel, and offers a 180 degree opening. It has a 1600 watts power, has fat storage, next to a heat insulating lid and grip. its adjustable thermostat allows cooking outdoors and in interiors, but also choose between the functions: barbecue, grill, sandwiches, sandwiches, and griddle.

It offers a system that pours fat and oils into the built-in collecting container for the user to obtain healthier meals. Further, has easy maintenance, as its plates are removable, reversible and dishwasher safe. It also includes a scraper to clean the plates.

On the Frávega website its value amounts to $ 5,000 and can be purchased in up to 6 installments without interest.

Coolbrand Bbq Cool Electric Grill (mod. 8088): Has a 2000 watts power and offers 5 available cooking temperature levels. Its base, made of iron, is one height 79 centimeters (cm). The material of the cooking area, 39 cm wide by 22 cm deep, it is stainless steel.

The manufacturer Coolbrand highlights its use for balconies gardens and terraces, although it can also be used on top of a table indoors. Includes a grease pan. The resistors are armored and the grill is removable and easy to clean. Can cook a roast for 2 or 3 people No problem.

In Mercado Libre it is offered at $ 3,399.

Oster Electric Grill (mod. Ckstcg3005): it has a glass lid that completes its elegant design. Has a 2000 watts power. The grill has a 40 cm wide and 30 cm deep. The equipment height is 18,76 cm. The material of the cooking area is non-stick. The temperature regulator ranges from 150 degrees to 230 degrees. Includes a cooking plate with non-stick coating.

The surface has channels to drain the fat into the drip tray. The glass lid allows you to observe the cooking of food. Base and handles are cool to the touch for added security. Can be stored vertically and thus take up less space. In Mercado Libre you can get it for $ 5,899.

Dega Electric Grill (mod PER50): built in steelIt is ideal for people who have a balcony. Has a 1800 watts power. The grill (cooking area) it is 56 cm wide by 40 cm deep. It has a height 102 cm. It has bonded material the cooking area, Meanwhile he rest is stainless steel.

The manufacturer stressed that the entire structure is reinforced and stressed that the high lid of the grill improves cooking. Further, includes non-slip rubber feet and wheels. The temperature regulator ranges from 32 degrees to 210 degrees. The silicone-supplied power cable for withstand high temperatures. The team it has 4 450 watt resistors, which total 1800 watts. In Mercado Libre it is offered for $ 23,051.

Dinax electric grill (Mod. BAR-BE2200 pc):

Has a 2200 watt power, It includes chrome legs, automatic temperature regulator, grease pan, and completely removable.

Grills and heating elements are stainless steel shielded and from his little size, the manufacturer highlights its easy cleaning and transfer to balconies and gardens. In Mercado Libre it is offered for $ 3,615

Oster-Grill Non-stick Electric Grill (mod. CKSTGR4768): It has a power of 1800 watts, and offers a regulator to choose between four levels of cooking temperature. The grill has a width 40 cm by 30 cm depth by 10 cm height.

Teflon is the material of this simple product, both from the grill and from the cooking area. It has a weight of 6.2 kilograms. In Mercado Libre it is offered at $ 4,395

Bonus track: grill (gas) Creole grill Sol Real (AC2P DOS PUERTAS VIDRIO): The team It is ideal for cooking indoors since it allows you to do it without emitting any type of smoke, thanks to having two front and bottom access doors made of tempered glass. Has a 4400 watt power and offers 2 temperature levels. Grill It is 120 cm wide and 63 cm deep. Its height reaches 163 cm.

It includes detachable legs and supports and a roasting rack with accessories. In addition, it has a double side burner with independent commands and safety valves. It has a grease collecting tray and an approximate load of up to 20 kilograms. In Mercado Libre it is offered for $ 41,500