Electric car warranties: what they cover and for how long or mileage

The automotive sector is showing a clear trend towards electrification, a type of livelihood that, we like it more or less, comes to take hold. More and more segments use these mechanics, ergo, more and more electric cars make up the market. Faced with this avalanche that is coming not precisely gradually, surely you have considered the possibility of acquiring one although not without many doubts about it, such as possible breakdowns, maintenance and, above all, the warranty of an electric car.

It is normal to experience a swing of questions before a new type of mobility that produces uncertainty. Even so, the guarantee of a 100% electric vehicle does not change that much compared to that of a combustion car, except for certain aspects that, inevitably, have to adapt to this new mechanical condition.

What does a car warranty entail

As a general rule, the warranty of any car covers certain types of problems for a certain number of years or kilometers, and in certain occasions what happens before. We are going to deepen with the example of a gasoline car like the Volkswagen Golf, whose presence in the market has been more than established for a long time.

In this case, the compact features as standard with an official guarantee of two years and 160,000 kilometers, whatever happens before. During this period of time -or mileage-, the brand will assume any mechanical inconvenience that arises as long as it is not the result of wear on the part itself. At the same time, it is possible to extend this if we use the two or three-year warranty extension as an extra; in both cases the mileage is 80,000 kilometers. But what happens when we extrapolate this case to an electric car?

And the warranty for an electric car?

It is true that an electric car can lead to other mechanical problems by equipping a completely different scheme, but at the same time we must bear in mind that also many of the elements of a gasoline car are unnecessary here, thus reducing the chances of breakdown. Regardless of this, they are also machines and are also prone to failure.

Hyundai Kona Hybrid Hev 2021 Test Analysis 98

To see more clearly what the guarantee of an electric car implies, we will also turn to a real example. In this case we are going to look at the Hyundai Kona EV, a model that also has combustion versions. In the first instance, Hyundaioffers an 8-year warranty or 160,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

This estimate mainly revolves around the battery, a fundamental component of every electric car. And there are many brands that estimate that during the first 10 years of the EV’s life, the battery will lose, at most, 20% of capacity. With this premise, firms like Skoda also avail themselves of the same guarantee with the Skoda Enyaq iV, their first electric model.

Skoda Enyaq Sportline 2021 12

In the event that the battery fails within the established period or suffers some kind of problem, the brand undertakes to change it in its entirety, something that will give us peace of mind given the price of said component. If other elements suffer some kind of problem within 8 years, they will be replaced -or repaired- without the need to change the battery itself.

Going deeper into the case of the Czech electric SUV, we come across a series of aspects applicable to any Skoda product plus an epigraph designed solely and exclusively for the Enyaq iV, a model that currently holds the title of the firm’s only 100% electric. Starting with the most generic aspects – and which are also the concern of Enyaq – it is worth highlighting:

Coverage for any manufacturing anomaly that arises during the first two years without a limit of kilometers Coverage for any damage that may devastate the paint and that appears during the first three years Coverage for damage caused by corrosion within the first twelve years of Life of the car. Warranty courtesy of the Skoda official service network to cover any repairs carried out on it for two years.

Generally, these conditions are present in any car of any brand, with its relevant variations in terms of durability or mileage. But let’s get into “swampy” ground and see what a firm like Skoda offers us to be able to be completely calm for a few years at the controls of our Enyaq.

Skoda Enyaq Iv 0820 003

The first thing the Czech brand indicates is that its electric firstborn is subject to expandable technical intervals. Its expansion is conditioned by the vehicle itself through the sensors that it equips and that analyzes, among other parameters, our way of driving. The intervals may undergo a periodic increase of a maximum of 30,000 kilometers or two years.

In this way, Skoda seeks to control the state of the electric fleet from the car itself, and thus assuming a more exhaustive control of it. And it is that at the end of the day we are facing a type of mobility that generates uncertainty, something that firms are aware of and seek at all costs to reduce that fear through a context that tries to cover potential owners of an EV car . We will see what happens over time.

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