A milestone in the history of the Dominican elections. At least ten of the women in the entertainment world want to legislate in the Dominican Congress. They decided to take the frying pan by the handle and registered as candidates for different parties, thus showing that they have an activist and altruistic streak that they want to develop further.

The merenguera Juliana O´neal and the communicator Ibelka Ulerio are the most recent to announce their candidacies for the July 5 general and congressional elections.

Before they had already done it, by different political organizations, Betty Gerónimo, Sarah Nolasco, Leila Mejía, Isaura Taveras, Emelyn Baldera, Rachel la Fresita, Diulka Pérez and Faride Raful.

Ibelka Ulerio, presenter of the television program “Aqui se habla Español” (Antena Latina), is the most recent to confirm her claims as a candidate for deputy for the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) for the number one constituency of the National District.

Before, last week, the street merenguera, surprised when announcing her political candidacy. The mambera aspires to deputy for the constituency one of Santo Domingo Este.

Although the singer does not clarify well which political party will launch her deputation, at the end of the video a green background appears, so it is presumed that she does it together with the People’s Force Party.

“Today, as in the years in which I was merited in the battle for my life, I ask for your support, this time with the certainty and conviction that if we go down the safe path working together we can achieve more,” he said. Juliana.

Isaura Taveras

The communicator Isaura Taveras also decided to venture into politics, since she wants to fulfill her dreams of living in a better country. For this reason, he wishes to occupy a seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

Taveras registered his candidacy for the Dominican Revolutionary Party, in circumscription 3 of the National District.

Diulka Perez

The journalist Diulka Pérez aspires to the deputation through the alliance by the Dominican Party for Change and The Modern Revolutionary party, in the number one constituency of the National District. Pérez abandoned her role at Informativos Teleantillas to work on her aspirations to become a legislator.

She stands out for her altruistic actions and her desire to achieve a better country for all Dominicans, she has insisted.

Leila Mejia

The communicator Leila Mejía is another of those who has decided to write down her political candidacy. She decided to run as a deputy for constituency one of the National District, for the Dominican Revolutionary Party.

Leila announced her candidacy on March 11, 2020 through her official Instagram account, where she left a message of the reasons that led her to make this decision.

Emelyn Baldera

The journalist Emelyn Baldera, former president of the Association of Art Writers (Acroarte), is also on the streets.

On March 11, she registered her candidacy as a deputy in constituency 1 of the National District, by the PRD.

Betty Gerónimo

Another who decided to leave the world of dance behind to dedicate herself to other more altruistic and social tasks is Betty Gerónimo.

The dancer who cheered up Saturday afternoons was one of the first women in this century to decide to venture into politics.

Since his marriage to the former mayor of Santo Domingo Norte, Francisco Fernández, Gerónimo has been sneaking into the world of politics.

Now she has decided to register her candidacy as a deputy in Santo Domingo Norte by the Modern Revolutionary Party.


Instead, the urban music exponent Rachel, “La Fresita”, registered her candidacy for deputy by the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) for the elections on July 5.

“I accepted this challenge because I understand that my people need a change, and in us young people there is the future. Am I counting on you ??? ”Rachel wrote when announcing her purpose.

Sarah Nolasco

The Cuban communicator Sarah Nolasco is the candidate for deputy for the three district of Santiago, for the alliance between the Social Christian Reformist Parties (PRSC) and Modern Revolutionary (PRM) and other organizations.

On his legislative agenda, he agrees not to raise his hands to pass a bill that he has not previously read and studied. He has shown special interest in environmental issues in the country.


Faride Raful.

Faride Raful already has experience in Congress. She is the current deputy for the Modern Revolutionary party and has worked in the media, both on radio and television in various programs such as “Oye País” of Color Vision, “Final Approach”, “Morning Approach”, “Time Trial”, “The Morning Sun” and “Tonight Mariasela”.


Faride aspires on July 5 to the Senate of the National District, by the PRM. He is a well-known figure in Dominican politics and stands out for his fight for transparency, institutionality and democracy in the country.