Eleazar Gómez could be released this Thursday

Freedom that awakens fear

On the other hand, Jeanette karam, ex-girlfriend of Eleazar Gomez , He confessed to feeling terrified at the news that the actor could be released after the legal recourse that his lawyers will use at the hearing to be held this Thursday in Mexico City.


Jeanette Karam, Eleazar Gómez’s ex-girlfriend. (Mexico Agency.)

“I am terrified, yesterday I was talking to Tefi and I was talking to Elia and the three of us are very afraid because it does not seem fair, it is not possible for a man who has attacked us in such a way to go free, that is, what does he need the law to see this as a serious crime, because it can come out precisely because the law of Mexico City domestic violence is not a serious crime, “he said in an interview with the Venga la Alegría program.

Jeanette stated that he intends to file a complaint against Eleazar. “I am waiting for my lawyers to tell me so that we can file the complaint, because it is not possible.


Eleazar Gomez. (Mexico Agency.)

“In Mexico we live in a climate of femicides, of insecurity towards women, and if they let him go free, the law, justice shows us women again that they are failing us, that they are abandoning us, because how is it? Is it possible that a man who has attacked so many can simply come out as free and as cheerful as ever, knowing the risk and danger that it implies for all of us and for all women? Because these patterns are sadly repeated ”.

Finally, Jeanette karam He said: “I am raising my voice, I am going to denounce and I am supporting Tefi with everything I can because she is a very brave woman for doing that.”

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