Elderly woman gives a note to a nurse who vaccinated her against COVID to report abuse of her daughter and son-in-law

The coronavirus vaccine has brought great hopes to millions of people, especially the elderly, since most countries have decided to start the vaccination plan against COVID-19 with the sector of the population that they consider most vulnerable in this pandemic.

But For an elderly woman from Mexico City, the COVID vaccine has meant a double hope in her life, as This has helped him to get rid of the martyrdom in which he lived in his own home and because of one of his daughters and his son-in-law.

It turns out that several local media reported that last weekend, During the vaccination day against COVID in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, an 85-year-old woman went to one of the centers, who was accompanied by a couple.

The elderly woman followed the vaccination protocol and At the end of the application of the vaccine, she gave a small paper to the nurse who injected her, in which she let him know that she was a victim of abuse by one of her daughters and her husband.

On the small piece of paper, the woman wrote that she was a victim of mistreatment by the couple who accompanied her to get vaccinated, since they locked her up, humiliated her and kept her in precarious conditions.

Immediately, the nurse handed the paper to a policeman who was at the vaccination center, who immediately reported part of the complaint to the CDMX Secretariat for Citizen Security. Elements of the dependency arrived at the place and when verifying the note of aid, they protected the old woman and detained the couple who took her to vaccinate.

The detainees were a 39-year-old woman, the daughter of the old woman, and a 59-year-old man, who is her husband. Both were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry, which will be in charge of conducting the investigation pertinent to this case.

Meanwhile, the SSC reported that the 85-year-old woman was taken to a safe place and that they will follow up on her case.

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