El Zendal transferred one in four critical patients to other Madrid hospitals during the pandemic

Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the Isabel Zendal Hospital. (Photo: .)

One in four critical patients at Hospital Isabel Zendal were transferred to other hospitals in the Community of Madrid between the months of December and May. This is what El País reveals this Thursday, which ensures that of the 227 critically ill patients, 56 of them had to be referred to other health centers in the region.

Although the Valdebebas hospital has intermediate care beds, it is not prepared to care for seriously ill patients. For this reason, 19 of the 56 patients were referred to other places since they did not have oxygenation machines.

In addition, a spokeswoman for the communication department of the emergency center assures that the other 37 patients were transferred because “they needed attention from other specialties” or “due to lack of beds.”

Two health workers had previously denounced the lack of staffing as the main reason for the transfers.

Some intensivists criticize in the news media the management that has been carried out at the Isabel Zendal Hospital and point out that the reason “why a hospital needs to make so many referrals is because there is something that is not working well”.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s promise to build “a reference hospital” was controversial from the beginning, even before its creation, due to the relevance of creating the entire infrastructure of a new center instead of allocating resources where they were really needed. Thus, throughout the pandemic he has received criticism from health personnel.


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