El Zarco, the former ELN guerrilla linked to extrajudicial executions, is already in Colombia

The former guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN) Luis Jhon Castro Ramírez, known as El Zarco, is already in Colombia. He was arriving in Bogotá from Madrid after being extradited by Spain.

El Zarco is linked to 17 extrajudicial executions of innocent civilians in Colombia, the largest military scandal in more than six decades of armed conflict.

This former ELN guerrilla was captured in February 2021 in the Spanish city of Alicante, after escaping from a Colombian prison. An Interpol arrest warrant weighed on him.

His extradition was decided last June by the Spanish National Court.

In Colombia, he faces two processes for, allegedly, acting as an intermediary for the military forces, recruiting young people, through false promises of employment, who were later assassinated and presented as guerrillas killed in combat. In return, the military obtained benefits and rewards in the war against guerrillas and paramilitary drug trafficking gangs.

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