El Salvador could adopt Cardano (ADA), according to Charles Hoskinson

Through a live broadcast, Charles Hoskinson commented on a possible adoption that Cardano (ADA) may have in El Salvador, as well as the problems involving Tether and billionaire Mark Cuban.

In a surprise broadcast made for subscribers on YouTube, the founder and leader of Cardano answered several questions from users, many of them about their tastes and personal life.

However, He also revealed details of a possible agreement with the government of El Salvador that could be finalized soon.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, a user asks Hoskinson if he would have any opinion on El Salvador and if there is any communication with the country’s government regarding the ADA token, native to the Cardano blockchain.

The mathematician replied that, although it is still too early to make projections, His team is in negotiations with authorities and politicians in the country.

Hoskinson also says that he will soon be able to visit El Salvador, leaving open the possibility of meeting with President Nayib Bukele in person.

Nayib bukele

Nayib bukele

He made it clear that the country has the ambition to go beyond adopting Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender, digitizing other sectors of its economy:

“They definitely expressed interest in digitizing the country and going beyond the simple legalization of Bitcoin. So we’ll have a better idea of ​​that in the next two to four weeks. “

In May this year, Cardano announced a partnership with the Ethiopian government to implement blockchain technology in the country’s education network. Now, Hoskinson can offer the government of El Salvador something similar in different segments of the public sector.

Cardano “doesn’t need Mark Cuban”

Hoskinson answered more than 70 questions, including some about Mark Cuban. Billionaire made headlines recently for a failed investment in DeFi. One user asked:

“Will you continue to get involved with Mark Cuban? I feel like it’s a lost cause. “

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The Cardano leader responded, referring to his project:

“Why? Yes [Cardano] it is a real platform, it will come ”.



Hoskinson is known for encouraging big players and investors to use Cardano, and He recently talked about Elon Musk leaving Bitcoin and starting investing in ADA.

However, it emphasizes that Cardano is an open system and that users would not need to check whether a big celebrity or billionaire is embracing the project or not.

“People will adopt the project if it’s real, they don’t need a leader to do it. Of course I’ll be here to help and build, but you don’t need me to attract Mark Cuban. It will come if Cardano does what it was created to do ”.

Opinions about Tether

Hoskinson also commented on Tether (USDT), saying that he would be concerned about the company responsible for issuing the stablecoin:

“Something of this size and liquidity cannot remain in a gray area forever, as it is a centralized asset.”

Commenting on the recent lawsuits facing the company, he said that an eventual collapse of Tether would lead to major regulatory changes across the crypto market.

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