El Recio, film director: Jordi Sánchez will debut with ‘Alimañas’ with Pep Antón Gómez

What a roller coaster of 2021 Jordi Sánchez is having. The Barcelona actor, famous for playing Antonio Recio in ‘La que se avecina’, has spent the first trimester battling COVID-19 that put him in ICU. Out of the hospital and in full health recovery, Sánchez has just announced a very special project: his first film as a director and screenwriter.

He does it together with Pep Antón Gómez, his regular collaborator in the theater. They both make their debut writing and directing ‘Vermin’, a comedy produced by Feelgood that will be shot at the end of the year.

“‘Vermin’ is a delusional comedy,” say the filmmakers. “The story of a mother who does not want to die and a couple of mean children who only think about inheriting. A whole catalog of fast-paced situations where meanness and bad temper are at ease. A story from today. An old story “.

A long career as playwrights

Although the general public knows Jordi Sánchez for his role in ‘La que se avecina’, as well as films like ‘Señor, give me patciencia’, or, in the case of the Catalans, the TV3 comedy ‘Plats bruts’, the truth is is that this will not be your first writing job. He and Gómez have already been forming a creative tandem for many years that has left theatrical successes such as ‘El eunuco’ or ‘Half and half’. At this moment they have on the bill ‘Asesinos todos’, a work starring Carlos Sobera, Elisa Matilla, Neus Asensi and Ángel Pardo that is represented at the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid.

His productions for the stage have featured front-line actors in Spanish comedy such as Pepón Nieto, Anabel Alonso or Paco Tous, as well as co-stars from Sánchez in ‘La que se avecina’, such as Antonio Pagudo or Fernando Tejero. It will not cost them to form a stellar cast for such juicy roles.