El Oso Bogey Santander Kids Tour and Make-A-Wish Spain united by illusion

03/24/2021 at 8:32 PM CET

The Bogey Bear Santander Kids Tour and Make-A-Wish Spain have signed a global agreement whereby the Bogey Bear will help children who are beneficiaries of the Make-A-Wish Spain Foundation to make their dreams come true as part of the treatment of their disease, through various actions. The golf circuit that transmits the most enthusiasm to children in Spain, the Oso Bogey Santander Kids Tour, will facilitate a solidarity contribution through the inscriptions to the different tournaments. In each of the fifteen tournaments that this circuit will have in 2021 nationwide, each participating boy or girl will donate a part of their registration to the Make-A-Wish Spain Foundation.

Since the beginning of the circuit in 2015, the participating children have raised almost 30,000 euros for solidarity actions. Further, Oso Bogey will donate a percentage of the sales of its merchandise to Make-A-Wish and will promote that in all actions carried out with the participation of Oso Bogey, there is a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.

Carmela Fernandez Piera, President of Make-A-Wish Spain, assured at the signing of the agreement that “it is an honor to unite Bogey Bear as an ambassador of Make-A-Wish Spain, to share values ​​as important as self-improvement and help children who are beneficiaries of Make -A-Wish during the treatment of their illness, encouraging them in the difficult situations they face. The Bogey Bear transmits joy, improvement, strength, respect and struggle, something that must always be very present, and we must not forget ILLUSION, which is the way to achieve everything that we propose because illusion can take you wherever you want & rdquor ;.

Felipe Martin, Director of Sponsorships, Commercial Events and RR.SS. Santander Spain, added that “the mission of Banco Santander is to contribute to the progress of society and the people who make it up and, therefore, it is key to transmit the fundamental values ​​that the practice of sport entails. On this occasion, the link with Oso Bogey and the Santander Kids Tour Circuit allows us to reach the grassroots sport and the little ones and do it, in addition, in a solidary way. We are delighted to transmit to the youngest the need to be in solidarity and support Foundations such as Make-A-Wish Spain.

It will be children who help other children to overcome their most difficult moments and that is very enriching, both for them and for the entire team of the Oso Bogey Santander Kids Tour & rdquor ;. Javier Gervás, CEO of JGolf 18.0, creators of the Bogey Bear mascot, commented that “since Bogey Bear was born, we were clear that we wanted to instill in the little ones the feeling of solidarity, as well as other values ​​such as honesty, self-improvement, respect , fun and companionship. These five super powers of golf, which coincide with the values ​​of Make-A-Wish Spain, will help the process of personal and social formation of the participating children to which the force of ILLUSION is added.

Thanks to the solidarity contribution of the participants in the Santander Kids Tour Bogey Bear, Make-A-Wish Spain will be able to help children like Yaneli, 6 years old and with a serious heart disease, to be crowned brave princess; or that Berenice, 17 years old and in the middle of the treatment, is a great cook by the hand of her favorite chefs; or that Pol, 11 years old and who has been fighting against an oncological disease, make his illusion come true, learning everything about photography to become a great photographer.

Make-A-Wish Spain is a non-profit organization, founded in 1999 and analyzed by Fundación Lealtad, with the mission of causing illusion in children suffering from serious illnesses (hospitalized or linked to a qualified healthcare environment), working systematically to incorporate entities and people into a social reinforcement network around the beneficiary and their family, in order to build resilience in them.

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