A comedy with a Colombian label premieres this Friday worldwide on Netflix. This is the ‘Chichipatos‘ series, created and written by the renowned librettist, producer and filmmaker Dago García, creator of the ‘El Paseo’ saga and part of productions such as ‘El Coco’ and ‘El Abrazo de la Serpent’.

The series, which is directed by Juan Camilo Pinzón, was produced by Caracol Televisión for the streaming platform and has seven 30-minute episodes in which a very picturesque family will make their viewers laugh with their recklessness. The production is also starring actors such as Antonio Sanint and María Cecilia Sánchez, and others such as Mariana Gómez, Julián Cerati, Biassini Segura, Lina Tejeiro, Julio César Herrera, the influencer from Cali ‘El Mindo’, Jacques Toukhmanian and the model and actress from Cali Yuriko Londoño.

The comic story that will be available from this Friday to more than 167 million people with memberships in 190 countries, revolves around the magician Juanquini (Antonio Sanint) who, tired of nobody taking it seriously, intends to demonstrate to his family that It is not a ‘chichipato’, learning the difficult trick of disappearing someone on stage. But when he accidentally disappears one of the most wanted criminals in the country and fails to bring him back, Juanquini finds himself in a tremendous predicament as he is pursued by both the mafia and the police, who accuse him of each other for the disappearance of the capo.

‘Chichipatos’ is the latest addition to Netflix’s list of Colombian original productions, which includes successful series such as ‘Distrito Salvaje’, ‘Siempre Bruja’, ‘Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares’, ‘Frontera Verde’ and the next to premiere, ‘El Robo del Siglo’, inspired by the real events of the famous assault on the Banco de la República in Valledupar 26 years ago.

Meanwhile, ‘El Mindo’ and Yuriko Londoño, the famous Caleños who are part of this original Netflix series, spoke to El País about their debut on the small screen, their new projects and what this new acting challenge meant.

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‘El Mindo’ and his acting debut

Armando Ortiz, ‘El Mindo’, will play Lucho in the new series ‘Chichipatos’.

Special for El País

Armando Ortiz, the ‘Mindo’, is the most recognized instagrammer from Cali in the city and one of the most famous in the country. He studied social communication at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali, a profession he practiced for a few years in a prestigious bank, to later dedicate himself to his successful digital career, which began as a hobby. She recently participated in the MasterChef Celebrity program. Chichipatos is his first approach to an international audiovisual production, which meant an acting challenge. Currently, Mindo has more than 297,000 subscribers on YouTube and 2.7 million on Instagram.

What is your character in ‘Chichipatos’, and what is the most striking of the series?
I don’t know

Many of the things that Mindo has within his character they will be able to see in this series, because he has a lot of his essence. My character is called Lucho and he is the boyfriend of the magician Juaquini’s daughter, with whom I set up a company for importing scouring pads. As for the series, it is aimed at any audience and especially at the Colombian and Latin American, as it is a very picturesque series, although with some imperfections, but perfectly staged. For me it involved a great acting challenge, since it is not easy to go from recording with a cell phone and making some ketsketches ’, to having four cameras in front of one and being directed. Chichipatos is a series in which Colombians are going to have a lot of fun because they have a very fine humor, and above all because they leave a message.

Did this series represent a great acting challenge and a new opportunity for your career?
I don’t know

I never cease to be amazed by all the things that happen to me. I started in a very natural way, not ambitious, but always with a clear dream and that perhaps has helped me transcend much more than what I had achieved. I had never done a casting for any series, I have always based myself on my character, but at this moment it was something very different from what I had been doing. An opportunity where the one who had to learn a lot was me, going from directing yourself and then being directed by another person and managing a type of humor, was a great challenge. I learned how to handle what they call acting “falsifying” certain things, including not turning my back on the camera, things that one does not manage to detail on television, but which must be taken into account. It was certainly a great acting challenge that I learned a lot from.

What new projects are coming to El Mindo as soon as the quarantine ends?
I don’t know

There are other audiovisual proposals, but more focused on the virtual. We come with series written by me, but with a much higher audiovisual quality. However, you have to wait, I do not want to anticipate things.

Why is it important that humor be part of a Colombian audiovisual bet as good as the one Netflix is ​​doing?
I don’t know

It means a great challenge, this is the first series of humor that Netflix will produce. We have a career in terms of Colombian series and films such as the Wild District, always a Witch, among others, that both her audiovisual commitment and the acting cast is too demanding, and this is reflected on the screen. I think that the most difficult thing is to make humor and for this reason, this series becomes a universal bet. Colombia today is characterized by very good audiovisual products and this will not be the exception, the idea is that we continue on this beautiful streak of Colombian productions. This series will show that good face of Colombians, and how we laugh at the adversities that occur to us.

‘Cocina para torpes’ is the new digital section of El Mindo through its YouTube channel, where it teaches some recipes for confinement.

Conquering the screen

The model and businesswoman Yuriko Londoño plays Agent Smith in the series ‘Chichipatos’.

Taken from Instagram @yurikolondono

The model and businesswoman with Asian features and a heart from Cali became known after her participation in the reality show ‘Colombia’s Next Top Model’, since then she has been the image of recognized national and international brands and has participated in productions such as ‘Emergency Room’ , ‘Handbook for Gallants’, ‘Fox 2091’, ‘Noobbs’ by Nickelodeon and in films like ‘Dopamine Shock’ and ‘Made In’. He is currently living in Mexico, a country where he works with a renowned modeling agency.

Tell me a little about your character in ‘Chichipatos’, who do you represent?
I don’t know

This character comes to put a heavy hand on what is happening with the boss, she is Agent Smith of the Special Forces. A woman with a lot of character, rude, unfriendly who comes to control everything.

What do you think is the most striking thing about this series?
I don’t know

I think people are going to have a lot of fun and more in quarantine, so they are going to laugh a lot. This is a very dynamic family comedy, a very Colombian story. The protagonist, Antonio Sanint, is a faithful proof that we can achieve everything by fighting it and that is the beauty of this story. Each character has a very funny way of telling it. There is a lot of comedy in this series.

How was the selection process for this new Netflix production?
I don’t know

This is the most important project I have done so far in my career, although before I was on the air in several audiovisual projects, which helped me to recognize that this is something I already like, I am passionate about. Being able to do the casting for this series was something very desired, a dream come true. I think that all the actors worldwide want to be on a platform like Netflix, I still can’t believe it. I had come to live in Mexico last October, and when I had been here for a week, my manager told me that there was a casting for a character, but if I got to stay I had to go back to Colombia, I didn’t think twice. I have always been open to all the opportunities that life wants to give me, so I presented a video casting, I was already too happy just with the idea of ​​being part of this project. It was for the same reason that I had come to Mexico, looking for opportunities at the acting level and that it occurred in Colombia was wonderful.

What new projects come at the end of the isolation?
I don’t know

There is an audiovisual project that will also be on Netflix, but I still can’t get much ahead, although this has to do with Mexico. However, for now everything is stopped and for the moment I am giving online modeling classes, in Colombia I was doing them in person, but given the contingency, it has been a great opportunity.

Do you plan to return to Colombia?
I don’t know

I would be the happiest. I was at a very good moment in my career, I was doing very good campaigns there, but I wanted to take risks, knock on doors in another country, have the experience of working and living outside of Colombia. So I came with an employment contract and here I am, happy.