El Hormiguero The presenter of ‘La Sexta Noche’ criticized the Spanish political class

Pablo Motos and Iaki Lpez, in ‘El Hormiguero’ of Antena 3.
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Iaki Lopez, presenter among other programs ‘The Sixth Night’ on Saturday night at laSexta, he was one of the guests who attended this Tuesday Pablo Motorcycles in ‘El Hormiguero’ From your home. The Basque journalist has reviewed the news with the host of the entertainment program that airs from Monday to Thursday on Antena 3.

Pablo Motos asked his guest about the tension surrounding the politics of our country in the last few weeks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and on which this tension has been transferred to the streets, where there is a high polarization that has already led to clashes between groups of protesters of opposite ideologies. “I think our politicians have let us down”Iaki Lopez began by saying. Taking into account that we are witnessing one of the worst crises in this country in democracy and since probably 23-F, I would have expected much more from our politicians “, added the presenter of ‘The Sixth Night’.

Considering that we are witnessing one of the worst crises in this country in democracy, I would have expected much more from our politicians “

Iaki Lopez

The Biscayan journalist continued in his harsh criticism of the Spanish political class. “I would have liked to see outstretched handsI would have liked to see that the politicians leave their hair on the cat flap, that they postpone certain issues and not that they are constantly on the loose. And indeed they have cultivated a tension that is finally reaching the street “Iaki Lopez said. “I still believe that not all parties have the same responsibility. There are those who are failing due to inaction, there are those who are failing due to irresponsibility, and then there are political parties that are calling more or less than a popular uprising,” he continued. that of Portugalete.

Iaki López, on the other hand, praised the responsibility, the empathy and the affection of the population and also criticized those who have tried to depoliticize the applause for the restrooms at 8:00 p.m. throwing a dart at the Government. “The applause at eight in the afternoon are not dedicated to the management of the Government, which is also leaving a lot to be desired”I pointed out. “And it is a shame that from the Congress of Deputies we receive very unfortunate messages that are bringing much tension to the streets,” he added.

Pablo Motos said that in the midst of a pandemic like the one that is affecting Spain, the protagonists every day at the news broadcast are the leaders and not the people. The host of ‘El Hormiguero’ underscored the option that politicians should only be on the news when they did something worthy of being on the news and not every day and every hour to elect their voters. “What happens is that if we have to talk about politicians only when they deserve it, I am afraid that the sports teammates would have to take over 98% of the news”It was the reflection of Iaki López that made Pablo Motos break to applaud.