‘El cover’: Esmeralda Rancapino enchants you in this exclusive preview of Secun de la Rosa’s film

Benidorm, the quintessential holiday city of our country. This city full of skyscrapers, tourists and Imserso trips is the setting chosen by Secun de la Rosa for his first film as a director: ‘El cover’. A film with a lot of soul that focuses on the art scene of this city who lives by and for outsiders.

In this preview that we offer you exclusively, you can enjoy the cameo of the promising young gypsy singer Esmeralda Rancapino. The granddaughter of the mythical Rancapino leaves Àlex Monner and Juan Diego spellbound in one of the city’s venues, and it will also leave you dazed with its feeling and its strength. This scene also shows one of the main themes of the film: the brotherhood that exists between artists.

Artists and imitators

Álex Monner plays Dani, a boy son of artists who is very afraid of failure. Instead of facing the stage and dedicating himself to music, which is his true passion, he settled for being a waiter in one of the beachside cafes. But one day a young Adele impersonator comes across his life, played by Marina Salas, who will drive him to face his fears.

‘El cover’ has in its cast, in addition to Monner and Salas, with Juan Diego as the protagonist’s grandfather, with Susi Sánchez as the owner of the cafeteria where Dani works, with Carmen Machi as the mother of his best friend , with Lander Otaola, Carolina Yuste, María Hervás, Jorge Calvo and Óscar de la Fuente. Secun De la Rosa’s debut feature will hit theaters on July 23.

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