‘El Cover’, by Secun de la Rosa, will open the Malaga Festival

The first film ‘The Cover’, directed by Secun de la Rosa, will be the film in charge of inaugurating the 24th edition of the Malaga Festival on June 3. Starring Marina Salas, Álex Monner, Carolina Yuste, María Hervás, Carmen Machi, Juan Diego, Susi Sánchez and Lander Otaola, tells the story of Dani, a young man who has inherited from his family the love of music and also the fear of failure. So he works as a waiter rather than living off his dream, like his parents. This year, like every summer, Benidorm is full of artists who come to sing in its bars, hotels and nightclubs. There Dani meets Sandra, who will change her way of understanding art.

The closing tape will be ‘García y García ‘, with a cast that lead Jose Mota, Pepe Viyuela, Eva Ugarte, Martita de Graná, Carlos Areces, Naiara Arnedo, Mikel Losada, Jordi Sánchez, Antonio Resines, Ricardo Castella, Jesus Vidal Y Alexity. Directed by Ana Murugarren And with its premiere scheduled for August 27, it is a comedy that revolves around Hispavia, a low-cost low-cost airline, which is in serious difficulties. Neither their numbers add up, nor do their planes fly. In a desperate attempt to save the company, they decide to simultaneously hire a prestigious airline consultant and an unemployed mechanical expert. They are both named Javier García. The coincidence and the disorganization of the company will cause them to be confused and exchange their roles, and while the mechanic is attended by the owner of the company and lodged in luxury hotels, the executive ends up in the hangar, clad in greasy overalls. Perplexed and without knowing what is happening, both are facing each other’s tasks, until the two Javier García meet and discover the error.

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