The English Court and unions CCOO, UGT, Fasga and Fetico have reached an agreement for the maintenance of employment and to promote family reconciliation. It includes, among other things, the commitment by the distribution firm to “not promote any collective process of termination of contracts (except force majeure)”.

The agreement, which will have to be ratified in the next Inter-Center Committee, has been signed to specify the “new working conditions adapted to the new working reality” in shopping centers, central services and logistics centers, with the aim of guaranteeing the maintenance of the employment in the current scenario of the Covid-19 crisis.

It includes measures to enhance training and increase temporary initiatives of flexibility and operability, so that the employees of the distribution group can perform a different activity than usual, either in another area or in a different center than the current one. In any case, the English Court undertakes to compensate the remuneration for commissions in the event that it is moved from center.

In this sense, it is explained that the functional mobility of workers will be done to reinforce areas where there is more activity, and may be carried out in other work centers but with some limits, giving preference to those who are close to the worker’s personal home and guaranteeing that they will be within the same province. This possibility of functional mobility will not have a limit of hours until August 31, and from September 1 it will mean up to 20% of the day until December.

And it also includes conciliation measures, such as workers with children under the age of 15, until December 31, 2020, to receive unpaid licenses for a period of up to three months, being able to join vacations, bridges, other licenses and enjoy during the special sale .

Likewise, the agreement also includes the extension of leave for care of children under 15 years, with a minimum period of three months and with a maximum duration until December 31, 2021. These two possibilities will also be available to workers who do not have minor children but who need reconciliation.

And it will be possible to accumulate the periods of 10 and 21 days of vacation in a single period of 31 days to be able to attend situations of need for conciliation.

Finally, companies and unions have also reached an agreement in terms of hours and vacations. In this last aspect, current vacation shifts will be maintained, being able to carry out voluntary changes of the worker by agreement with the company and will be readjusted, “if possible in the 10-day shift, the vacations of the personnel who have been in a Temporary Employment Regulation File, discounting 2.5 days per month , as required by law, as the contract was suspended during the ERTE. “


El Corte Inglés is also committed to complement in May 100% of the fixed salary to employees covered by ERTE, the same as it has done in the months of March and April. The distribution group has reinstated half of the employees affected by the file, some 13,000 people, in establishments located in those areas that have gone through phase 2 of de-escalation this week.

The rest of the employees of El Corte Inglés affected by the ERTE, which included a total of 25,900 people, will be gradually incorporated in each establishment based on the lifting of restrictions by zones.

The ERTE, presented on March 25, affected almost 29% of the group’s total workforce, which amounts to just over 90,000 employees. Specifically, 22,000 workers from the El Corte Inglés department store, 2,000 from the Sfera fashion chain and 1,900 from Viajes El Corte Inglés were affected.