El Cholo makes it clear what happens with Saúl

There is little doubt that Diego Simeone is the unofficial spokesperson for the Atlético de Madrid. And at a time when the rojiblanco team is at the center of the information, with possible signings and exits, the coach has granted interviews to Marca and As in which he makes clear his position (and that of the club) in all these matters .

It has been proven that the Cholo, personal friend of Griezmann, does not leave a millimeter of the route map set by the Metropolitan regarding the possibility of the French returning to Madrid two years after his controversial departure.

But where Simeone has been clearer has been in the ‘Saúl affair‘. The youth squad has been contemplating the option of leaving Atlético for a long time. And the Argentine coach has come to the fore to admit it, also leaving a message between the lines to understand where the ‘anger’ of the Elche comes from.

You know better than anyone what Saul has asked and soughtWe have known him for eight years. He has shared a lot of time. What empowered him to be what he was is playing in different places, possibly just that, when his level dropped, it was used to say that he had been harmed and that it was his problem. But it is not like that, that did not harm him. Are moments. After so long the players need air and after so many years last season it cost him more (although he competed and played many games). It is clear that in the competition with Lemar, if he had been good at the end, he would have played Lemar”Says Cholo in Marca.

But it was in As that Simeone He had more influence on that versatility of Sáúl, leaving a message: “He sees it as something negative.” “Last season he spoke with the club, with us about his needs and what he spoke about the option of having a place on the field where he feels more important. Y I consider that Saúl became Saúl by playing everywhere. He or many of those around him see it as something negative. He is very important for Atlético because he can play as a lane, right wing, midfielder, as a double middle … He gives us a lot of situations to count on him. Without having a season at his best, we count on him. He is a player who in that version and playing in what the coach needs, performs very well ”, he indicates.

Of course, despite the fact that everything indicates that Saúl will leave Atlético, Cholo made it clear that if he finally stays, he will be one of the squad and that he will start with the same options as the rest of his teammates.

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