El Chavo Kart is updated and receives Chapulín Colorado

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On November 17, the anniversary of Chapulin Colorado is celebrated and this year is the 50th anniversary of the character who since 1970 has brought many laughs to Latin Americans. It is a date worth celebrating and that is why today Chapulín Colorado arrived at El Chavo Kart.

Kokonut Gamxs announced that, starting today, the Chapulín Colorado is available as a playable character in El Chavo Kart. Thus, all players who have it will have the opportunity to use it and drive their car inspired by the Chillon Chipote.

Here is an image that shows what the Chapulín Colorado looks like in El Chavo Kart

It is important to note that Grupo Chespirito and Kokonut Gamxs have more surprises for fans of Chapulín Colorado. We will have to be aware to see what they are cooking.

The Chavo Kart is moderately successful

An interesting detail is that in the statement Kokonut Gamxs also revealed how many people have cheated on El Chavo Kart. Thanks to this we point out that it can be considered a moderate success.

What we mean is that El Chavo Kart has been downloaded by 500,000 people, both on iOS and Android. While it is far from the most successful games in the industry, it is a good figure for a project made for the Latin American market.

And you, have you already downloaded El Chavo Kart? What did you think of this mobile game? Tell us in the comments.

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