El chavo del 8, curious facts of the comic program

Roberto Gómez Bolaños, better known as “Chespirito”, marked an entire generation through Mexican television thanks to programs such as El Chapulín Colorado and of course El chavo del 8. The latter presented us the adventures of several children and adults within a neighborhood. Find out here several curious facts about El chavo del 8, a program that aired for the first time on February 26, 1973 and, after a total of 290 episodes, ceased broadcasting on January 7, 1980. The main cast of the show was led by Roberto Gómez Bolaños (el Chavo), Ramón Valdés (Don Ramón), Carlos Villagrán (Quico), Florinda Meza (Doña Florinda), María Antonieta de las Nieves (la Chilindrina), Rubén Aguirre (Professor Jirafales), Angelines Fernández ( Doña Clotilde), Édgar Vivar (Mr. Barriga), among others.

However, the comedy of «Chespirito» did not come to an end with the transmission of the last chapter, as its programs and characters crossed the barriers of time and space to continue entertaining the public and position itself as one of the favorite products, not only from Mexico, but from Latin America. For this reason, we made a list with 10 curious facts about El chavo del 8.

The latest news around the series announced that Chespirito was going off the air worldwide after 47 years of broadcasting. However, last year, THR reported that a bioseries of the character is being prepared as well as other content related to the characters of Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

Episode 142

El chavo del 8 had a total of 290 episodes, however, chapter 142 stood out among all because it was called “The Lost Chapter.” The reasons? It turns out that Roberto Gómez Bolaños came up with the idea that El Chavo should have been run over by a car, but such an idea was not very well received by the cast, who threatened to leave the series. But to avoid further tension, Chespirito scrapped the plans and the episode was never broadcast.

Acapulco Vacations

The trilogy of chapters called Holidays in Acapulco (1977) deserves a mention in this list of curiosities of El Chavo del 8, as it was the only occasion in which the entire cast appeared on screen to share credits. Likewise, the triad of episodes allowed Gómez Bolaños’ production to venture out to shoot for the first time.

Elizabeth the know-it-all girl

Among several of the characters in the famous series, a girl named Elizabeth was looming around, whose main characteristic was to talk fast and be the know-it-all in the room during Professor Girafales’ class. It turns out that the character only appeared once in 1974 and then no one else heard from her … or so we thought. It turns out that the girl Elizabeth was played by actress Martha Zavaleta, who preferred to dedicate herself to entertainment, but behind the scenes. Zavaleta founded the Televisa artistic training centers from which musical groups such as Timbiriche emerged, of which his son Diego Schoening was part. After the death of Emilio Azcárraga, Milmo moved to TV Azteca to produce the children’s program Disney Club. Zavaleta never worked alongside “Chespirito” again, but he did perform special performances in various Televisa productions.

The name of El Chavo del 8

If you were wondering why Roberto Gómez Bolaños titled the series El Chavo del 8, it was thanks to the fact that the characters first debuted on television through Channel 8 known as Televisión Independiente de México, which, as of 1973, was would become Televisa. Due to the success, the name stuck and we later learned that # 8 corresponded to the apartment where the character lived. However, we never knew with whom he shared the aforementioned apartment, although it was established that the barrel in the courtyard was only for hiding. Likewise, Bolaños baptized El Chavo with a name, however, every time he was about to say it to someone they interrupted him so as not to mention it.

El Chavo’s mother

One of the curious facts about El Chavo del 8 has to do with his mother. Several theories on the internet suggest that El Chavo’s mother was actually Don Ramón’s girlfriend and also Chilindrina’s mother, but El Chavo did not know her because she died during childbirth. However, in a book titled El Diario de El Chavo del ocho by Roberto Gómez Bolaños it is suggested that Chimoltrufia (Florinda Meza) and El Botija (Édgar Vivar) are the true parents of El Chavo. There they explain that the Chimoltrufia forgot to pick up the child from the nursery, but decided to leave him due to his precarious financial situation. Another theory suggests that El Chavo’s mother was a single mother and lived in the famous neighborhood, but one day she decided to abandon him.

The name of Noño and Señor Barriga

Although we never knew El Chavo’s real name, things were very different with Noño and Señor Barriga, both played by Édgar Vivar. The real name of the man who collected the rent was “Zenón Barriga y Pesado” and his son responded to the name of “Febronio Barriga Gordorritúa”.

The ham cake

fun facts chavo del 8

One of El Chavo del 8’s favorite foods was ham cakes. However, one of the most curious facts about El Chavo del 8 is that we only saw him eat one twice during the duration of the series. “Preparing a ham cake” (1982) is one of the episodes where he is seen tasting one of those famous cakes.

Quico’s cheeks

fun facts chavo del 8

Actor Carlos Villagrán chose to fill his cheeks with air in a natural way, while at the same time speaking like a child. So at no point did the actor use any kind of filler.

The absence of the Chilindrina

fun facts chavo del 8

During several episodes of the show, Chilindrina was conspicuous by her absence, but it was because the actress María Antonieta de las Nieves was pregnant back in 1973 and that is how she left the recording sets for a year. To justify his lack on screen in the episode “The Return of the Chilindrina” (1975), Don Ramón confesses that for a time his daughter had gone to live with her aunts in Celaya, Guanajuato.

The brother of “Chespirito”

fun facts chavo del 8

Do you remember Godínez, one of Professor Jirafales’ students? Well, the character was played by Horacio Gómez Bolaños, brother of “Chespirito”. The actor had very few screen appearances, but he also participated in El Chapulín Colorado, the movie El Chanfle and in El chavo del 8, he not only played Godínez, but also boasted two credits as a waiter at the Acapulco restaurant and the first owner of the inn.

the boy of 8

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