‘El Buki’ reacted to cover of Romeo Santos

After last Thursday the bachata star Romeo Santos published a video covering the success of Marco Antonio Solís, “Invéntame”, “El Buki” answered flattered and with the intention of working together one day.

Through his Twitter account, the Mexican composer and singer reacted to the material that Romeo Santos himself shared on his social networks, where he also wrote: “A classic -and without a doubt one of the best Spanish-speaking composers- El maestro Marco Antonio Solis”.

The cover received many positive reactions from Romeo’s followers, although there were also those who expressed that this version had not been to their liking. However, the one who surprised was “Buki” himself, as he was extremely pleased by the gesture of the native of the Bronx, in New York.

“What a tremendous surprise my dear Romeo! A big hug and to see when we can join together ”, Marco Antonio tweeted in response to the video of the ex-vocalist of the famous group Aventura.

Romeo Santos covers Marco Antonio Solís and he reacts
In social networks, the singer-songwriter of multiple hits “El Buki” has been the subject of conversation on different occasions. An example of that was the witty tweet that Marco wrote about the fall of WhatsApp a couple of weeks ago and that went viral.

At that time, Marco Antonio Solís not only wanted to be part of the craze for the fall of applications, but also made use of his romantic and “poetic” gifts to laugh at the matter and delight his followers with a message full of affection.

In his profile he wrote: “Let everything fall apart, except this desire to always love you, my love!” And the fact is that if Buki’s activity in social networks is characterized by something, it is because of how optimistic, friendly and affectionate it can be shown in its publications.

Among all that this recognized singer has written, he has often mentioned love relationships and it even seems that his tweets are advice and reflections of a heart doctor. On some occasion he wrote “Life puts us in time and place. Fate puts us in touch, and affection puts us in tune. Not a little? ”.