El Buki, becomes the sugar daddy that Twitter wants

El Buki, becomes the sugar daddy that Twitter wants (Reform)

El Buki, becomes the sugar daddy that Twitter wants | Reform

The sugar daddy that many wish to have !, Marco Antonio Solís, better known as The Buki He demonstrated his gifts as a poet and composer and dazzled everyone on Twitter.

El Buki ruffled Twitter and quickly became a trend in the social network by referring to the new stories of the famous social network.

And is that Marco Antonio Solis He is at the forefront but always with romance and beautiful love ahead and that is why the Mexican singer spoke about love and Twitter, a phrase that ended up becoming epic on social networks and positioned him as one of the sugar favorites daddy.

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The interpreter of Más que tu amigo shared in a post that there may be stories on all social networks, but that the best stories “will always be with you.”

They can put stories on all social networks, but I will have the best stories with you, my love, wrote El Buki on Twitter.

Marco Antonio Solís caused a huge stir at this phrase that many found romantic, while others more than the funniest, since they assure that the singer “raffled it off.”

The post shared six hours ago positioned the artist in the middle of the controversy over the changes in the social network and users took the whole situation on the funny side.

The Buki He demonstrated his enormous ability in the art of making love and that he is a true poet capable of bringing out the most beautiful words in any situation.

The talent and sympathy of Marco Antonio Solís have always made him shine on stage and be one of the darlings of the public generation after generation.

The singer has always been surrounded by beautiful women who are dazzled by his beautiful words but he has shown that he only has eyes for his beloved Cristian Salas, with whom you have been married for more than 16 years.

While Marco Antonio Solís lectures on words of love and to make you fall in love, it is more than evident that he uses them to keep this beautiful woman by his side

The beautiful Cristian Solís has obtained his own place in the show with his spectacular beauty. This blonde is often the protagonist of show headlines due to the images she shares of herself on social media.

Cristian has proven to be a woman who takes care of her marriage and family, but also of herself and looks really spectacular, as if the years did not pass for her; Besides, many young women wish they had her beautiful figure.

Marco Antonio Solis For his part, he has always been happy and in love with the woman he has by his side, he does not stop showing off the beautiful Cristian Salas, he is usually his companion at the best events and his number one fan on stage.

The singer and Cristy Solís procreated in their beautiful marriage two daughters Marla and Alisson, who are already beautiful young women.

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This beautiful couple shines on their own and that is why the spotlights are frequently on them, thankfully for positive themes.

Marco Antonio Solís does not stop sharing his talent with his followers and other artists and has become one of the most endearing singers who has put Mexico on high.

Since its inception in The BukisMarco Antonio Solis always stood out, due to the separation of the group, the public embraced him and he has not stopped enjoying his music, from romanticism to dancing, El Buki has always given everything to his public.