El Becerril beat CD Diocesanos 1-0 at Mariano Haro

04/04/2021 at 11:31 PM CEST

The Becerril started with a 1-0 home win over the Diocesan during their first match of the Second Phase of the Third Division, which took place this Sunday in the Mariano haro. With this marker, the Becerril is eighth with 18 points and the Diocesan CD fifth with 23 points after the dispute of the match.

During the first period of the game none of the players managed to score a goal, so during the first 45 minutes the scoreboard did not move from the initial 0-0.

After the break, in the second half came the goal for him Becerril, who took the opportunity to open the scoring with a penalty goal from White in minute 71. Finally, the match ended with a 1-0 score.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The coach of the Becerril gave entrance to Ricky, Toilets, Ismael and Merino by Melero, Eloy, Ruben Vallejo and Kuko, Meanwhile he Diocesan CD gave entrance to Holm oak, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Pindado and Vazquez by gentleman, Meneses, Mayorga, Martinez and Martin.

The referee decided to caution six players. On behalf of the locals the yellow card went to Melero, Jimenez, Ricky and Toilets and by the Diocesan admonished pear tree and Holm oak.

At the moment, the Becerril is left with 18 points and the Diocesan with 23 points.

On the second day the Becerril will play against him Almazán at home, while the Diocesan CD will face the Peñaranda Bracamonte in his fiefdom.

Data sheetBecerril:Sevi, Diego Martín, Sierra, Jiménez, Carlos, Blanco, Varo, Rubén Vallejo (Ismael, min.82), Melero (Ricky, min.66), Kuko (Merino, min.89) and Eloy (Baños, min.82 )Diocesan CD:Darío, Vicente, Pablo, Martin (Vázquez, min.82), Peral, Oli, Martinez (Pindado, min.82), Hidalgo (Encinar, min.61), Moreta, Mayorga (Gonzalez, min.66) and Meneses ( González, min.66)Stadium:Mariano haroGoals:White (1-0, min. 71)